Monday, February 15, 2016

Newspaper Reports Madonna Has Hired Private Investigator To Stalk Guy Ritchie, His New Wife And The Couple’s Children Confirming Previous Site Claims


In the January 26, 2016 article "Madonna Bitter Over Her Son Preferring His Dad's New Wife Over Her" and the February 2, 2016 article "Madonna's Underage Son Continues To Stay Away From Her Preferring To Happily Remain In London With His Dad And Stepmom" the Judiciary Report revealed that crazy pop singer Madonna has a sick penchant for hiring private investigators to illegally stalk people she becomes obsessed with (including Guy Ritchie). Madonna's private investigators has been sued for doing unlawful things on her behalf, such as illegal wiretapping, computer and email hacking, bullying and harassment.

A week after the Judiciary Report stated this, the TMZ website and the Daily Mail newspaper published an article stating Madonna has hired a private investigator to follow her 15-year-old son around in London, after he fled her care and went to live with his dad, Guy Ritchie, in London, England. Madonna is using her son as an excuse to continue to spy on Ritchie and his new, pretty wife Jacqui Ritchie. Madonna has been using private investigators to inappropriately spy on the couple and their kids for years, out of jealousy and well prior to her son going to live with them against her wishes. 

Guy Ritchie and his new wife Jacqui Ritchie

Madonna, who still works for Warner Bros, has been feeding stories to Warner Bros owned TMZ, claiming Ritchie allows their son to do bad things, "Madonna believes Guy has set no rules for 15-year-old Rocco and he's living dangerously" when while in her care, her underage offspring engaged in underage drinking, smoking and illegal drug use, posting pictures online to that effect (other photos were obtained by paparazzi revealing the illegal behavior and terrible parenting by Madonna).   

Madonna keeps spying on people who want nothing to do with her, insanely wanting to know what they do behind closed doors and it's sick. She is a perverted voyeur with a long and disgusting history of stalking and harassing people. Madonna has been and continues to actively break the law in America and Britain, illegally wiretapping and computer hacking individuals she has an obsession with, who do not like her. She has shown herself to be a violent, thieving criminal. The U.S. government, via bribery that began at the FBI then spread, have allowed a dirty, dangerous madwoman, Madonna, to roam free and harm innocent people (including children). 

Madonna's son looks happy around his dad, Guy Ritchie and stepmom Jacqui, but not her

Madonna claims she has hired a private investigator to watch her son, but what is her excuse for hiring private investigator thugs like Mafioso, Anthony Pellicano (who is now in prison for criminal work he did for Madonna and others at the Kabbalah Center) and Gavin DeBecker, who was sued because of threatening, harassing crimes she paid him to commit against an innocent man in a separate case.

What is Madonna's deranged excuse for hiring private investigators to follow me everywhere, even showing up outside my relatives' homes in America and England. What is Madonna's deranged excuse for hiring private investigators to follow me everywhere, criminally approaching me on public streets with threats from her, when I do not like her, never contacted her and want to do with her or her Kabbalah cult. 

Madonna and Guy Ritchie spent most of their failed marriage arguing (even in public). He only married her because she trapped him with pregnancy and promised to make him a famous director using her contacts in Hollywood (particularly at Warner Bros)

What is Madonna's deranged excuse for hiring private investigators to follow me everywhere and contact my family and friends with deranged requests, who do not want anything to do with her either. What is Madonna's deranged excuse for having private investigators and members of her Kabbalah cult approach and harass men who express an interest in me (she even had an industry person contact one of the men with threats). She meets the textbook definition psychologists use to define stalkers. Her behavior is psychotic and disgusting.


Madonna 'hires private investigator to keep tabs on son Rocco while he lives with dad Guy Ritchie in London' as custody battle rages on 

Published: 05:59 EST, 9 February 2016 | Updated: 09:43 EST, 9 February 2016 - Madonna has reportedly hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her son Rocco while he lives in London with his father Guy Ritchie. According to TMZ, the singer is keen to see what her 15-year-old son with the film director is up to ahead of the former couple's custody court date next month. 

Multiple sources connected with the singer have told the site that 'Madonna believes Guy has set no rules for 15-year-old Rocco and he's living dangerously'. See Madonna news as it's alleged she 'hires private investigator to keep tabs on son Rocco.' Battle: Jacqui's husband Guy Ritchie is currently embroiled in a custody battle with his ex Madonna over their son Rocco, who is living in London with Jacqui, Guy and their family.

According to the report Madonna is concerned that her son is allegedly not enrolled in a school in London and has also reportedly been smoking. Representatives for Madonna and Guy have been contacted by MailOnline for comment. A source told the publication that she's livid Guy is not being strict enough with Rocco's studies and worries he will fall behind on his exams. The teen would be due to take his GCSEs this summer if he remained in the English school system.