Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Madonna's Underage Son Continues To Stay Away From Her Preferring To Happily Remain In London With His Dad And Stepmom


195-year-old pop singer Madonna continues to fume and public curse at her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, 48, who left her and married someone else, model Jacqui Ritchie, 33. Ritchie now has three small children with her and live in the English country house Madonna paid for, with money from mass copyright infringement, that he won in the divorce settlement from the marriage of convenience.

Jacqui Ritchie, Guy Ritchie and Rocco Ritchie in London

Ritchie has one child with Madonna, who is now 15-years of age (Rocco Ritchie). Rocco is running away from his madwoman mother like the plague. Madonna has engaged in abusive behavior towards her children (and other people's offspring as well - after all this is the same satanic, violent woman who was sued and settled a lawsuit in New York for $700,000 over choking an innocent 11-year old boy, Keith Sorrentino, twisting the child's arm and slamming him against a brick wall for following her out of a theatre and asking her for an autograph on her day off).

Guy Ritchie and Rocco Ritchie in London

Madonna's oldest child, who is in her late teens, no longer lives with her and is a drug addict and alcoholic, after years of doing drugs and getting drunk with Madonna (she has openly bragged about drinking and doing drugs with her kids which is dangerous). Rocco fled to London to live with his dad to get away from his mean spirited, savage mother, who has insulted and humiliated him online, among other things. There are rumors in the industry that she has been abusive to him behind the scenes as well. 

Madonna's son repeatedly looks happy to be away from her in London

Paparazzi have been following Ritchie, his wife and son Rocco, repeatedly catching them looking happy together. Jacqui Ritchie affectionately calls Rocco "No. 1 son" on her Instagram page. She stated in the September 24, 2015 edition of the popular London Evening Standard newspaper, "Guy Recently asked David (Madonna's adopted son) if he could remember a time before me and he said he couldn't." 

Madonna's son smiling with Guy Ritchie's new wife at her wedding to his dad

During his parents ongoing custody battle, Madonna's son has indicated to the court he wants to stay with his dad, which has infuriated his unbalanced, vengeful mother. It's clear Ritchie prefers Jacqui to Madonna...and embarrassingly, so does Madonna's son.

Guy Ritchie: finally I'm married to a woman who doesn't have the same equipment as me

Madonna is jealous of Ritchie's new wife. Ritchie's wife has been wearing clothing that states "Mrs. Ritchie" which is something Madonna used to do. However, Ritchie's new wife actually looks like a woman in the clothes. She better be careful, as Madonna is a very strange, insanely jealous and crazy person. She likes to invent crazy crap in her mind, imagined offenses and wrongs that never occurred against her, then target and attack innocent people who have done her no harm

Madonna wearing "Mrs. Ritchie" jacket she had made

Jacqui Ritchie wearing "Mrs. Ritchie" bikini her friends gave her as a wedding present. 
Previously, Madonna began to target and harass Ritchie's then girlfriend, Tania Strecker, who she became extremely jealous of and resorted to all sorts of madness to get the poor woman out of the picture. Ritchie was with Strecker first, but crazy Madonna had the woman investigated, began contacting people in the industry that know her and made her life a living hell. She even got Robbie Williams to diss Strecker in a song. Madonna also stalked Carmen Elektra, a beautiful woman Dennis Rodman dumped her for and married.  

Side Bar: Guy Ritchie's marriage to manly, muscular, rough Madonna should have counted as gay marriage (LOL).

Side Bar 2: A few short years ago Ritchie purchased a London home for himself and then girlfriend Jacqui while they were dating (the house he got in the divorce settlement from Madonna is in the English countryside, not London). Rumor has it in the industry that the squatters that whoinvaded the property right before Ritchie and Jacqui were to move in, were commissioned by jealous Madonna via the Kabbalah Center cult she heads up, Madonna grew angry that Ritchie had moved on. 

Madonna is after all the woman who paid private investigator Anthony Pellicano to brutally and unlawfully target people via illegal wiretapping, computer hacking, identity theft, breaking an entry into homes and cars and issuing death threats via thugs he bribed. Pellicano is now in prison for these crimes.