Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donald Trump Rages About Rival Ted Cruz's Eligibility To Be President

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, launched into one of his now infamous tirades again, but this time regarding the eligibility of rival, Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada. Cruz immigrated to America at age 4. Cruz has an American father and Hispanic mother. While it would be great if there was a Hispanic president of the United States, as it would reflect their massive contribution to the country, there is a problem regarding Cruz's eligibility. 

The U.S. government is conducting itself in a highly irresponsible manner in not settling this matter before Cruz ran for president, solicited and accepted donations (as all candidates have been doing) and garnered a big wave of support encompassing people's time, emotions and energies. Why was this not decided before he ran for president. All naturalized (foreign born) U.S. citizens know, due to the swearing in process in front of a judge when obtaining American citizenship, that you are told you can be anything in America, EXCEPT President of the United States. 

Therefore, it has perplexed many immigrants as to how Cruz is running for president. No person not meeting the constitutional criteria of being born in America or on an international U.S. military base (to an American parent) has been president. The constitution would have to be changed for Cruz. There is currently a legal case on the matter. However, the government was lax in this issue and should have made this constitutional determination at the outset of Cruz's candidacy before the public got their hearts, emotions and time involved.