Saturday, February 13, 2016

Devil Worshiping Teen In Texas Kills Friend In Satanic Sacrifice Ritual

Edward O'Neal IV

18-year-old Edward O'Neal IV, killed his close friend, 16-year-old, Ryan Joseph Robert, in a satanic ritual. The self-professed devil worshiper, stabbed Robert to death in the woods near the victim's home. Robert's mother reported him missing and told police O'Neal committed the crime. O'Neal confessed to the gruesome murder three times. He led police to the location of the body in the woods. O'Neal has since tried to commit suicide, after confessing to the murder. 

When questioned about the grisly murder, the killer's father, Edward O'Neal Sr stated, "Oh I know that he's worshiping the devil and stuff." The killer's mother stated to the press, her son "killed family pets" and made "devil art", further revealing, "He doesn't believe in God, he believes in the devil. He did the crime he needs to do the time." 

O'Neal killed Robert in a satanic sacrifice, favored by demonic cults and the occult. They insanely believe killing another human being will appease the devil and bring them money, power and long life. However, what it brings is darkness, death, destruction, mental illness and criminal cases for murder. Many satanists have also died young. Their belief regarding sacrifices is a total and complete lie. 

There is a proliferation of Hollywood celebrities in cults such as the Kabbalah Center promoting devil worshiping and the occult via music videos, films, photographs and interviews. Many social networking websites and blogs have items discussing this very topic, revealing the public is alarmed by it. There are also social networking pages glorifying the Illuminati and Satanism, professing it will bring success to those who follow it. However, it is only bringing bad on the people who subscribe to and embrace those mentally ill ideals. It is toxic and will lead to your downfall if you follow it. 

This sick Hollywood cult that practices satanism, has openly called people their "sacrifice" in Hollywood circles. An aspiring rapper tried to murder his best friend, stating he is an Illuminati sacrifice, before shooting him in the head. The rapper did so to get in with Hollywood's Illuminati, after interacting with the sick sect. An actor who was interacting with Hollywood's so-called Illuminati, decapitated his mother. There is a problem there. 

Ryan Joseph Robert 

Hollywood has tried to make satanism and its offshoot, the Illuminati, cool and mainstream, via stars such as Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Katie Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Kanye West. However, it is sick, contemptible, evil and a danger to the public. Promoting such sick things will negatively impact the most vulnerable in society, who are susceptible to such messages. 

Previously, two teens who are obsessed with satanic rock group Metallica, killed young, preteen boys in the woods, torturing them and mutilating their genitals. Those children died horrible deaths at the hands of mentally deranged teens, under the influence of the evil and satanism promoted on Metallica albums. The teens admitted Metallica's music inspired them to commit the sick crimes. Satanic rocker, Marilyn Manson, also inspired the teens who committed the Columbine massacre that left over a dozen people at Columbine High School dead. 

Promoting evil is never a good idea. Members of the public inviting that darkness and negativity into their lives will only attract trouble, depression and misfortune, by bringing that into their midst. It destroys lives. Evil is real and in playing with it you are inviting trouble into your life. How can you steep yourself in darkness and not expect it to affect you in some negative way. Do not embrace negativity and evil, lest it destroys you, as it has done to others. 

God never promoted darkness and evil. God encourages people to be decent and a blessing to others. Focus on the good things in life. Do not have a negative view. Believe good things will happen to you (and they will) and strive to make a positive contribution to society. Do not be apart of what is wrong with our world. Try to make it better (and you can). 


Teen, 18, who 'worshipped the devil' admits to stabbing his close friend, 16, and dumping his body 

Published: 17:19 EST, 12 February 2016 | Updated: 02:40 EST, 13 February 2016 - Edward O'Neal IV (above), 18, is accused of murdering his close friend, Ryan Joseph Robert. Police say a teen who allegedly worshiped the devil admitted to gruesomely murdering one of his close friends. 

Edward O'Neal IV, 18, is accused of killing Ryan Joseph Robert, 16, whose mother reported him missing on January 15. His body was discovered in the woods by an overpass near his home a few days later with stab wounds, KHOU reported. According to ABC 13, prosecutors said that O'Neal voluntarily confessed three times to the killing, and tried to commit suicide two days after Roberts's body was found. 

The boy's heartbroken mother, Christine Roberts, said that she knew who exactly killed her son when his body was discovered and told police. The suspect's mother, who did not want to reveal her name, told ABC 13 that her son killed family pets and composed devil art...'He doesn't believe in God, he believes in the devil. He did the crime he needs to do the time,' she said.