Thursday, February 4, 2016

Amber Rose Hiding The Fact Kanye West Is Bisexual Prompting Kim Kardashian To Befriend Her To Shut Her Up

Rose Knows

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian

It's not secret in Hollywood that rapper Kanye West is bisexual. However, he has not publicly admitted to it. To do so in rap would kill his career. West dated bisexual stripper Amber Rose for years. During that time they engaged in all sorts of sexual activity (threesomes) and illegal drug taking. Rose has embarrassing stories on West. Rose knows many of West secrets. 

Amber Rose saw Kanye West poo

They've had sexual activity with others. What Kanye doesn't want you to know is that the male was more there for him than Amber. Kanye likes men. West also had a secret sexual relationship with a European male designer in Italy that Rose knows about. West also cross dresses behind the scenes. Bruce Jenner, who became transgender, also wants West, who helped guide him into bisexuality, after being emasculated by cheating, domineering wife, Kris Jenner. Hollyweird indeed...