Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnant Reality Star Draya Heartbroken Over News Millionaire Orlando Scandrick Dumped Her And Knocked Up Another Stripper As Well

Orland Scandrick and Draya Michele

Last week "Basketball Wives LA" reality star and former stripper, Draya, who is several months pregnant, was unceremoniously dumped again by fiancé, Orlando Scandrick. Draya got pregnant without telling Scandrick, who is a multi-millionaire football player with the Dallas Cowboys. It is being stated Scandrick does not believe it is his child. Draya contends her unborn son was sired by Scandrick. The implication is Draya is looking for a big payday and trying to trap Scandrick into marriage via pregnancy. However, he dumped her instead, leaving her distraught and angry.


Scandrick already has a restraining order against Draya, due to her violent conduct towards him, which was issued by the court in April 2015. The two are expected in court at the end of this month regarding the restraining order, which Draya violated when she seduced Scandrick with the goal of becoming pregnant and securing a child support check for the next 18-years. When a man is in Scandrick's pay range, the child support checks are large.

Draya posted a photo looking depressed over the weekend due to her problems with Orlando Scandrick

Rumors have also surfaced Scandrick has knocked up another stripper, a blonde woman who is also expecting his child. Scandrick denies the rumors. Scandrick already has 4 children from previous relationships and continues to be promiscuous, which is dangerous (just ask Charlie Sheen). Draya is heartbroken over his promiscuity and is struggling with her pregnancy.

Draya is being heavily criticized online

As stated in the column last week, the stressful situation Draya finds herself in leads to fetal distress. She is also overdoing it with strenuous workouts at the gym, in trying to gain as little weight as possible during her pregnancy. Draya's entire career is based on her body, as she can't sing, dance or act. However, it is not a good idea to physically overdo daily activities while pregnant. It can lead to miscarriage or complications with the baby. Draya also needs to try to put the stressful elements of her former relationship with Scandrick out of her mind, as the baby can tell when its mother is distressed and will experience the same.