Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Police Decline To Prosecute Las Vegas Hotel Room Assault Complaint Against Chris Brown

Chris Brown performed at Drais on New Years 

R&B singer Chris Brown will not be prosecuted for an alleged assault in Las Vegas on New Years. Liziane Guitierrez filed a police complaint stating she was invited to an after party in Brown's hotel suite in Las Vegas, after he performed one of many shows that are apart of his residency at a local night club. Guitierrez stated she was allowed into Brown's room with a bevy of women. However, Guitierrez states she snuck her mobile phone into his room, when Brown's bodyguards have a rule about confiscating said items. Guitierrez stated she took a photo of Brown, which prompted him to punch her in the eye, steal her phone and have her thrown out of his room.

Liziane Guitierrez

The Las Vegas Police Department have declined to recommend the case be prosecuted and no charges will be filed, due to lack of evidence. As stated in the January 9, 2016 article "Chris Brown Las Vegas Assault Case Must Meet Certain Criteria To Be Prosecuted" regarding the complaint, "If Guitierrez was truly in his room, hotel security cameras would show her entering the suite. Guitierrez’s mobile phone would also have a record of the deleted photo of Brown on its online account, where copies of photos and videos are additionally stored. It is not always easy to investigate such cases, but modern technology can prove a very useful and accurate tool."