Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Madonna Bitter Over Her Son Preferring His Dad's New Wife Over Her


It's no secret in Hollywood that Guy Ritchie, 48, only married singer Madonna, 58, years ago because she trapped him with an unplanned pregnancy that nearly resulted in a still born child and promised him a big career as a director if he would marry her. Ritchie was in love with pretty model Tania Strecker, which made Madonna jealous and angry. Madonna insanely began to take shots at Strecker in public and had singer Robbie Williams insult her in a flopped song.

Madonna also began spying Strecker and Ritchie via a private investigator she paid to follow them around London, England and send her reports of all their activities. Madonna used the unplanned pregnancy to break up Strecker and Ritchie. Strecker went on to marry wealthy Anthony Rothschild and is now worth more than Madonna and Ritchie combined.

Guy Ritchie and his new wife Jacqui Ainsley
Madonna and Ritchie had a bad marriage. It was horrible and acrimonious. The marriage was all for show. His attention was always elsewhere. Madonna wanted him, but he still wanted Strecker. Madonna's promise to make him rich and famous as a director came at a price. Madonna is the criminal copyright infringement queen of Hollywood.

Every movie Madonna helped Ritchie put out through her contacts at Warner Bros, a company she worked for her entire career, resulted in a copyright infringement lawsuit, as it was all stolen from different sources. Ritchie's career is just as fraudulent as Madonna's having stolen from many copyright holders. Ritchie left Madonna and demanded millions of dollars in a divorce settlement that contains a confidentiality agreement barring him from disclosing the vile things he knew she did, including child abuse.

Madonna's son looks happy around his stepmom and not her

Now Guy Ritchie, who ran from Madonna like the plague, has replaced insidious Madonna with a Strecker look alike, Jacqui Ainsley. Ritchie likes tall, dainty, pretty women, not manly witches like Madonna, who look like male construction workers. Madonna's hard facial features make her look like E.T. and she has more muscles than Ritchie, who is not out of shape.

Ritchie and Madonna are in the middle of an ugly custody battle over their 15-year-old son, who fled America because of her insane behavior and has been living with his dad in London, England. Madonna, who insanely turned up to court in a cape like she's Batman (she has more muscles than him too) and repeatedly made loud, crazy outbursts during a hearing, corruptly abused the legal process and mysteriou$ly got a judge to issue a questionable ruling that shocked many, ordering the boy back to America. The British courts refused to comply with the order, refusing to put the boy on a plane to New York to spend Christmas with his mother, as she tried to save face in light of the fact her child does not like her.

Guy Ritchie with his true love Tania Strecker in the 1990s

Madonna was galled by the fact paparazzi in London, England were following around Ritchie, his son with Madonna called Rocco and Ritchie's pretty new wife Jacqui, who were happy, smiling and having fun in Britain. Madonna's son has been pictured smiling and affectionately leaning on his stepmom on different occasions. Not only has Ritchie replaced her, their son has as well. Madonna's son has made it clear to the court he does not want to live with Madonna. Rumors in Hollywood are circulating that Madonna is jealous and angry that her son prefers his stepmom to her. Madonna has been slamming Ritchie in public settings calling him "c*nt" during a concert, as she is bitter over the custody case and the bad publicity it has brought her.

Madonna has also been violating Ritchie's privacy and that of her son, placing paid articles with press outlets who are tired of her (one journalist whose name begins with a T stated, "Why does she keep sending us this s**t"). The articles Madonna had a member of her staff write based on her instructions and send to newspapers and websites, are defamatory, mean-spirited, tacky and blame her ex-husband for turning her child against her. However, both of Madonna's children dislike her, as she is a horrible person. What kind of mother does this: TMZ States Madonna Made Nasty Comment Online Stating Her Son Rocco Ritchie Has No Penis.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie spent most of their failed marriage arguing (even in public)

Madonna's children hardly spend time with her and only do so when forced. She constantly uses money to manipulate, threaten and control her oldest child, who is a full fledged drug addict and alcoholic. Madonna has even bragged about doing drugs with her underage children, which is a crime. Ritchie is now facing serious issues, as his underage son with Madonna also uses illegal drugs and alcohol.