Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Madonna Paying Younger Stars To Tweet And Posts Items About Her On Instagram In Desperate Bids At Publicity


Some artists age gracefully in appearance and conduct. Madonna is not one of them. So desperate is Madonna for attention and publicity, she has taken to paying younger stars and offering them career favors in Hollywood for tweets on Twitter with random compliments about her. Madonna has been sending select, popular, young celebrities whose publicity she envies, text she wants them to tweet about her. It's gotten to the point that a number of them are complaining in Hollywood and abroad that her behavior is "awkward" "weird" and "mental abuse." It's also a waste of time, as it has not endeared her to younger or older audiences, who have moved on from her profound lack of talent and shenanigans.

Another problem exists in that unoriginal, thieving Madonna is having people tweet out verbatim items she does not own the copyrights to, crazily injecting her name into the items that she gained unlawful access to in criminal violation of the law, incriminating said younger stars in serious illegal activity. As discussed in a previous column, Madonna's social networking accounts are also packed with followers she bought from bulk follow back services.

How will they explain in court why items they keep tweeting out came from private, preexisting time stamped emails and copyrights Madonna illegally acquired access to via criminal hacking. What kind of crazy weirdo steals preexisting copyrighted items and excerpts from private emails whose contents are also under copyright protection, slaps their name on it, then sends it out to others to tweet. She is also engaging in this crazy practice regarding interviews of younger stars mixed up with Kabbalah, she's paying to repeat items about her in interviews, that came straight from preexisting, private, unpublished Library of Congress copyrights and private emails also under copyright protection Why is Madonna so pathetic and psychotic.

Her past several albums have flopped and she is currently on tour, having staff reconfigure venues and remove seats to hide the fact the shows are not selling out or selling well. Madonna has also been submitting fraudulent financial figures to ticket sales agencies. The numbers are so inflated, they do not match the number of seats in the venues, even at inflated prices (since they are going to lie and cheat, they could at least do it properly and make sure the numbers add up, because they don't LOL).

Madonna did the same for years with her record sales, adding 200,000,000 albums sold to her tally in the few short years she released "American Life" that Billboard and other worldwide tabulation companies reveal were not sold. Sales records reflect she didn't even sell 2,000,000 records during that time period.