Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hollywood Plumbs Sick New Lows With Leonardo DiCaprio New Film ‘The Revenant’ Containing Scene Of Bear Raping And Sodomizing Him

Leonardo DiCaprio after being raped and sodomized by a bear

Hollywood has sunk to new lows with the film "The Revenant." The movie is supposedly a retelling of the life of American frontiersman, Hugh Glass (1780–1833). Initially, the Drudge Report website accused the makers of the film of including an item featuring DiCaprio being "raped" by a "bear" with said scene containing "thrusting." The producers blasted the Drudge Report in interviews for these claims. However, it was true.

It is being stated in official press interview  that the film is about "intimacy of both man and beast"

This week new interviews by the cast and crew reveal DiCaprio's character is indeed "raped" by the bear and there is "thrusting" from behind. The film is abominably promoting bestiality. Hollywood keeps getting sicker by the minute. That is mental illness. They need to get their heads checked. They also have the gall to release that nastiness on Christmas Day. I for one will not spend a dime watching that abomination.

Side Bar: why is there so much nastiness coming out of Hollywood. Pedophilia is a big problem out there, with Hollywood cults insanely believing sex with children cures HIV and AIDS. Hollywood cults routinely engage in acts of criminal voyeurism, illegally spying on people in private places (including their homes via webcam hacking and spying, hidden cameras ect) without their knowledge or consent for sexual gratification (sickos in Hollywood cults such as Kabbalah masturbate while secretly watching people in their homes in this manner, then later arrogantly threw this vile fact in victims' faces).

DiCaprio even refers to the rape scene in "The Revenant" as "you feel like you're some voyeuristic animal watching something that you shouldn't be watching." Then there are the cases involving men like Bill Cosby and Stephen Collins (Should The Statute Of Limitations Be Abolished In America As It Is In Britain In Light Of The Bill Cosby And Stephen Collins Rape Cases).


The Revenant: Leonardo DiCaprio 'not at liberty' to speak about filming of bear attack that involves 'intimacy of both man and beast'

Updated earlier today at 4:03am - Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has told the ABC's 7.30 program a "ground-breaking" bear attack scene in his latest film The Revenant involved the director watching 100 different attacks. But the actor stopped short of discussing the sequence in detail, despite some online outlets claiming it depicts DiCaprio's character Hugh Glass being raped by the bear.

Fox Studios was this month forced to deny The Drudge Report's story that claimed the film features "a shocking scene of a wild bear raping Leo DiCaprio"...DiCaprio was coy with the details, but praised director Alejandro Inarritu's approach to directing the scene. "I'm not at real liberty to speak to you about exactly how [the director] pulled this off," DiCaprio told 7.30's Leigh Sales.

"So much of the director's technique is something that he wants to keep to himself because he loves the idea of audiences submerging themselves in something that is almost like virtual reality. "But I will say that it involved months of rehearsal and it involved him watching 100 different bear attacks.

DiCaprio says scene is 'very raw, violent, savage.' "What he achieves cinematically is something that I think is very ground-breaking, and that is the ability for an audience to be in a sort of very raw, violent, savage bear attack, yet feel the intimacy of both man and beast."
DiCaprio said the sequence was a visceral one for the viewing audience. "You feel the sweat, and the heat coming off the animal," he said. "It's almost like he awakens other senses within you as an audience member, and you feel like you're some voyeuristic animal watching something that you shouldn't be watching.