Friday, December 18, 2015

Donald Trump Slams The Racist Comments Of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia

U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, a man who has gotten himself into hot water these past few months over racist, bigoted, xenophobic and sexist statements he has made during his campaign, has slammed the racially biased statements of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, made against black students in America. See, even Trump thinks Scalia's comments are racist.

Scalia has been ripped in newspapers and the blogosphere, as well as by the public on social media, for stating black students are "slower" than their white counterparts. Scalia stated in a legal brief, regarding the case, Fisher v. University of Texas, that black students should be sent to "slower" universities, rather than elite, fast paced schools in America.

The lawsuit was brought by Abigail Fisher, a white student who was not accepted to the University of Texas. Fisher blamed it on "affirmative action" granting admission to a black student, resulting in the rejection of her application. However, the University of Texas contends Fisher's grades and test scores were not good enough for admittance. That's a serious hurdle for Fisher and one that should not be glossed over. A black "affirmative action" student would still have to meet the grade and test score requirements. The bar is not lowered in that respect.

Universities in America all have different standards of admission regarding grades and test scores. Elite schools ("Ivy League" as they are called) such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and MIT, demand high test scores and great grades from applicants' high school years to be admitted. However, community colleges on the whole accept all students and many of whom have gone on to successful, well paying careers in their chosen fields. 

Scalia did not take this into consideration. He saw a chance to put black people down and he took it, being the racist that he is as a person. Scalia's comments provoked such outrage online, it has generated tens of thousands of feedback comments on social networking and newspaper website comment sections slamming him. Scalia has yet to respond to the backlash or disgrace he has brought on the Supreme Court. Not only are people aghast in America, but a number of outlets worldwide have slammed Scalia's comments as well.

One thing is for certain, someone with such racist, partial, biased views, is not fit to judge or contribute to legal rulings that impact millions of people in a nation. Scalia has shown he can't even put his personal prejudices aside when rendering rulings. That's a terrible warning sign.

Ironically, this is not the first time Scalia and his archaic views have struck. Vanity Fair stated, "Scalia's statement isn't a total surprise coming from a justice who once called a provision of the Voting Rights Act, which protected black voters from discrimination when registering to vote, a 'racial entitlement.'"

Donald Trump stated of Scalia: "Well, I thought his remarks were very tough. I mean, I don’t comment on them. They — you know, he’s a respected Supreme Court judge. But I thought his remarks actually were very, very tough. Well, I think they were very, very tough to a certain community. There’s no question about it. I thought it was very tough to the African-American community, actually. I don’t like what he said, no. I don’t like what he said."

If America did not have such a terrible history of abusing minorities "affirmative action" would not be necessary. Scalia is ticked off by "affirmative action," but he must have taken history classes at some point to realize why it was created or he is a deluded revisionist. I see it this way, as a black woman, I don't get ticked off when American Indians are given special breaks in society. Historically, American Indians were treated horribly, abused and terribly defrauded. It was a dark and ugly time in American history.

If I as a black woman can see and acknowledge that horrible things happened to American Indians, necessitating compensation and something to level the playing field in the fact of discrimination, why can't Scalia comprehend the horrors of slavery, segregation and the heinous mistreatment that occurred during the civil rights movement that left many blacks dead, to understand why "affirmative action" is needed. America was stolen from the Indians and built by the labor of blacks during slavery. No amount of historical revisions will change that fact. The discrimination and abuse was so prominent, laws had to be made in an effort to stem the horrors that occurred.

Once again, Scalia is living proof that "affirmative action" is needed, as said racist had the nerve to put on paper that black people are slower than whites and it is not a good idea to admit African-Americans to elite schools. How ignorant! And there are other people like him out there who think that way (not everyone, just select people, but some of them are in prominent positions in university admissions and employment recruitment in the workplace).

I don't think any race is smarter or slower than another. I do believe all races are equal. Studies have shown black people thrive at Ivy League schools, just as much as other races do. However, due to institutionalized racism "affirmative action" was implemented as a quota, to insure qualified minorities were not shut out of educational and employment opportunities by racists.


Scalia’s Comment on Black Students Draws Gasps in Supreme Court

...The statement was made during oral argument in Fisher v. University of Texas, a case seeking to strike down the university’s affirmative-action policies for violating the Constitution under the Equal Protection Clause. It’s the second time the case has made the court, and to liberal observers, petitioner Abigail Fisher, a white woman who was rejected from U.T. Austin and believes that it was due to her race, has a bunch of sour grapes. (The University of Texas argues that Fisher’s test scores and grades weren’t strong enough to admit her to the flagship school.)... 

Then again, Scalia's statement isn't a total surprise coming from a justice who once called a provision of the Voting Rights Act, which protected black voters from discrimination when registering to vote, a “racial entitlement.”