Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some Complain Charlie Sheen Should Not Have Been Outed As HIV Positive

Charlie Sheen

Some mainstream sites are stating Charlie Sheen should not have been outed as HIV positive. Well, Sheen and all of his fellow Kabbalah Center members read this site and my Twitter page. On Saturday night (November 14, 2015) I decided to confirm it online via a tweet on Twitter that Sheen is the actor Radar Online and The Sun anonymously claims has HIV (they refused to name him for legal reasons, but I've never been afraid of a lawsuit, as the court system is rendered useless and corrupt if the truth doesn't prevail). The next day Sheen decided to do an interview to confirm it. I did it for a reason. I was informed Sheen is still having sex with people and not telling them of his HIV positive status, which is dangerous and a public health hazard and that's why I confirmed it on Twitter. HIV and AIDS need to be contained and cured. Not spread through risky sexual conduct and drug taking behaviors.

I also confirmed it is Sheen on my Twitter page, a day before he announced he would confirm it as well, because he is being extorted by scum in Hollywood and it needs to stop. I was trying to put him out of his misery in that regard. Everyone that extorted Sheen to keep quiet that he has HIV, should go to prison. Full stop. The government needs to open cases into all of them and prosecute them for extorting him out of $10,000,000. You are the true villains, who should be scorned in this sad story. How dare you extort anyone, especially someone suffering from a serious disease. You compounded his suffering via stress, which is not good for his immune system, the weakened line of defense, already compromised by HIV.   

Some people still attach a stigma to HIV and AIDS and they need to get over it. Stop scorning people with HIV and AIDS. There are innocent babies and kids who contracted the disease through no fault of their own. In the early stages of the disease when less was known about it, some contracted it through blood transfusions at hospitals. To those who contracted it via sex or sharing needles, they too need to face the disease with courage and dignity until a cure is produced.

HIV and AIDS doesn't mean you are "cursed" or "evil." It just means you're sick and there are many people in this world suffering from some form of illness or another. Do not kill yourself or turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the emotional pain. People with HIV and AIDS can greatly benefit from counseling, as licensed therapists can help them work through the emotional and mental trauma of being sick, as well as prescribe medication that can help their frame of mind, while not counteracting other medications for the infectious disease.