Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers Criminally Hack London Computer Connection From America In Violation Of International Law


Sorry for the delay in publishing the blog. Madonna's hackers in America criminally hacked my laptop (in London, England) that goes online, then damaged the internet connection via corrupting the software, to prevent it from going online to update the site. This was a willful, criminal violation of domestic and international law. 

Prior to the internet connection being illegally tampered with and damaged via corrupting the software, when I was online before, all day while I've been trying to read science and medical documents online, Madonna's idiot hackers have been moving the mouse cursor around to make it difficult and closing out browser windows while I'm reading items, in trying to prevent me from doing my work (patents, copyrights, online columns). They really are degenerate scum. It takes a deranged, pathetic, devilish mind to pay people to do something so sick and disruptive. What kind of pathetic idiots do something like that. Your minds have to be swimming in a sewer of deviance, depravity and hate to think up then do such a vile thing.