Monday, October 19, 2015

Famous Men Led Astray By Ignorant Lecherous Friends Encouraging Them To Be With The Wrong Women To Their Detriment

The implosion of Lamar Odom’s life has become fodder for the press and blogosphere, after the basketball star married into the fame hungry, greedy, crazy Kardashian clan and lost everything, including his career. Odom overdosed and nearly lost his life. Now he is faced with a long rehabilitative stint that includes physical and speech therapy, as well as drug and alcohol rehab.

Often in the industry, you will have ignorant, lecherous male friends of famous male athletes, actors, singers and rappers, egging them on to pass over or ditch decent women, if favor of the whorish, slutty, superficial type of women they allegedly should be dating and seen with, because that’s what’s allegedly right for their image and status as stars. When it is a load of crap. Then the whorish, slutty, superficial women, who are usually gold diggers 99% of the time, ruin the male celebrities lives in some form or another.

These lecherous, ignorant friends, who live vicariously through their famous male friends, while trying to get fame and women by using their pals celebrity names, encourage them to do very risky, dangerous and unwise things that end up damaging their lives. A whorish, slutty, superficial woman, obsessed with designer clothes, shoes, cars, mansions and fame, will not be a good mother to your children or a proper partner to you. Taking care of your home, raising your children correctly and supporting your career in a positive way, is not something she will do or do well. It is just not in the nature of that type of woman to do that or successfully. Her wants and ego will come first.

Some women are beautiful on the outside and inside. However, some women are only beautiful on the outside (and ugly on the inside). At the end of the day looks fade. Everyone ages. As the song says, "Beauty's only skin deep." However, you'll be stuck with someone who is no longer a beauty and have to put up with the ugliness that is inside her soul that wrecked your life.

To pick a woman to show off on your arm, when many people are not even impressed like you think, is the wrong decision to make. Only ignorant people are impressed by promiscuity, superficiality and a woman who looks fake and plastic. The majority of people are impressed by qualities such as intelligence, character, integrity, decency, kindness, warmth and legitimate career accomplishments.