Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Edward Snowden Joins Twitter And Has More Followers In One Day Than The NSA

Edward Snowden

National Security Agency (NSA) whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has joined the social networking website Twitter. In under a day, Snowden has amassed more followers on the site than his former employer, the NSA, whom he blew the whistle on for mass spying and left America. Snowden has over 724,000 followers and counting (pretty impressive numbers considering his profile picture is not a booty shot - yea, that was a diss to all you women flashing your bare butts and other body parts in your avi).

This news has upset some people. For example, presidential candidate George Pataki is demanding Twitter close Snowden’s account. However, that would be unconstitutional. Snowden has not tweeted out anything that can be deemed illegal. Snowden is not tweeting out nuclear codes (LOL). He is not in breech of Twitter’s terms of service. Therefore, he should have a voice on social networking. And Twitter has already welcome Snowden to the site anyway.

This is one of the things I dislike regarding the government these days. The U.S. Constitution states people are entitled to free speech and free press, yet Pataki and others such as Obama, are trying to censor people via roping in corporations, who could face financial collapse, via offending the public in following their terrible orders.

Google has taken an online beating from being the Obama Administration’s puppet, via financially abusing and harassing bloggers and vloggers into removing content not flattering to the egomaniac-in-chief. Google’s name is so battered online, with the public mocking them as “Big Brother” for the Obama Administration, they’ve had to change their name to Alphabet. Google has also lost money from people choosing their rivals, due to the bad publicity.

Edward Snowden

The sad part is Obama doesn’t have the first billion to replace the corporate value of Google. Pataki doesn’t have the first billion to cover the value of Twitter, yet is demanding they do something that would be detrimental to their business. The government didn’t create these companies but are meddling in their businesses, essentially interfering in commerce, trying to restrict free speech via censorship. I hope you know, encouraging companies to financially punish others if they do not do your bidding is blackmail and coercion. People who do such things are not fit for any public office.

So many journalists and bloggers are publicly complaining of the Obama Administration harassing them over free speech and free press. How can you lecture Americans about the Constitution when you are violating it at the people‘s expense. How can you lecture Russia and China about your perceived ills of communism when you are practicing it. You think about that.

There are many people with social networking pages that I do not agree with and do you know what I do? The grown up thing by leaving them alone and not reading their social networking pages. It’s quite simple and it’s free. You should try it sometime instead of violating the Constitution, federal and state laws regarding harassment, bullying and blackmail (in trying to get people to take down truthful but unflattering statements about you lest you destroy their ability to earn a living and support their families in what can only be described as disgraceful).

Note to the government: no one likes a bully...especially voters.


George Pataki Wants Twitter To Shut Down Edward Snowden's Account

September 29, 2015, 5:29 PM EDT - Republican presidential candidate and former New York Gov. George Pataki called for Twitter to shut down Edward Snowden's account — hours after the former National Security Agency contractor posted his first tweet. Snowden made his presence known Tuesday on the social media website...But the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, had already welcomed Snowden to the social media site...