Saturday, August 1, 2015

Meek Mill States Fellow Rapper Drake Was Peed On By TI's Friend And Smacked By Diddy

Nicki Minaj is a big part of the problems regarding Meek Mill and Drake 

Meek Mill has responded to two back to back diss tracks by fellow rapper Drake, issuing one of his own entitled "Wanna Know." On "Wanna Know" Meek Mill reiterates his view that Drake has ghostwriters, which is frowned upon in rap music. Meek Mill equates Drake with 1980s band, Milli Vanilli, whose Grammy was revoked for not singing on their album. Meek Mill released single artwork with a Photoshopped pic of Drake as Milli Vanilli.

Meek Mill and Drake before their dispute

"Wanna Know" also makes the allegation Drake allowed a drunk friend of fellow rapper TI to urinate on him in a movie theater, without retaliating, which gives a certain impression. Meek Mill also makes mention of rapper Diddy slapping Drake in Miami, which sent the latter to the hospital, as he somehow injured his shoulder. Rappers are constantly calling Drake soft (Meek Mill rapped Drake is "soft like baby lotion). Drake is constantly teased on social networking for being a sensitive, non-abrasive rapper.


Some of Meek Mill's dispute with Drake has to do with his new girlfriend turned fiancée, Nicki Minaj. Meek Mill knows she still has a soft spot for pretty boy Drake and vice versa. When Drake did not do enough to promote his collaboration with Meek Mill, in his estimation it was an offense and insult by someone still eyeing up his girlfriend.