Friday, August 14, 2015

Madonna Obsessed With People Half Her Age Who Don’t Like Her While Neglecting Her Kids Who Are On Drugs And Becoming Alcoholics


There are so many problems in crazy Madonna's family, yet she does not have her priorities in order, neglecting her troubled children in favor of destructively meddling in other people's lives. Madonna is too busy stealing copyrights from younger artists and spying on innocent people half her age, who don’t want anything to do with her. Madonna keeps targeting young famous men, who are not attracted to her. The non-famous young men she dated, were paid to do so (given condos, jobs, money ect...).

Both of Madonna's kids, her son, who is underage and daughter, who is over 18, are on drugs and drinking heavily. Her underage gay son is doing drugs, cross dressing and making mentally disturbing statements online indicating he is suicidal and it is becoming fodder on blogs. There are stories going around the entertainment industry about the bad behavior of Madonna's kids.

Yet “Mommy Dearest” Madonna has time to obsesses over men and women, who don’t want anything to do with her and launching one disgraceful failed album and publicity stunt after another, in a world that has long moved past her fake, fraudulent career. I have no respect for women who spend their time obsessing over others, while neglecting their children, especially those with offspring that have serious problems.