Friday, July 3, 2015

Chris Brown Takes Mother Of His Child To Court Over Paternity And Child Support Payments In Bitter Battle

Chris Brown's expression when Nia Amey asked him for $20,000 per month

In the May 29, 2015 article "The Mother Of Chris Brown's Child And Her Boyfriend Launch Smear Campaign Against Him Online For Money" the Judiciary Report stated:

"Brown needs to go to court, have a judge establish paternity and set child support payments. He needs to have the court determine visitation rights as well. This is not an amicable situation. He is involved in a triangle with two opportunists, Nia Amey and attention seeking rapper King Ba, who are using him for publicity and paid stories from outlets looking for inside scoops.

The couple are trying to make him look as bad as possible in the press regarding his daughter he has been spending time with, in an effort to extract huge sums of money from Brown. He needs to spare himself and his child the trouble, harassment, squabbling and further emotional pain, by having everything done properly and professionally through the court. Boundaries need to be set and a proper confidentiality agreement should be signed." 

Nia Amey's mom airing Brown's business online:

This week the site has been proven right, as tensions between Brown, 26 and 32-year-old Nia Amey, the mother of his child, have erupted in an ugly way, over her costly demands. This week Brown has finally taken the matter to a judge for the court to establish paternity, visitation and child support. Amey has been using these items in a bid to get more money and work her way into his life as his significant other. However, Brown’s heart is elsewhere (see: long suffering ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran).

Chris Brown upset about Amey's mother putting his businesses in the public domain:

Amey and her mother want $20,000 per month in child support. Brown feels once paternity is established he should pay in the region of $10,000 per month, in line with his income (the problem is Brown's income as a singer changes from month to month). Amey's mother stated her granddaughter, Royalty Brown, needs the money for private school and to live in a gated community for her own safety. However, she just turned a year old. Why does she need private school already, when most kids in America start school at age 4. There are gated communities one can live in for $1,000 and up per month. Royalty is with Brown for half of each month. Amey also wants more money per month from the singer than Brown pays for his own home. Does that make sense to her.

Amey's response:

The truth of the matter is Amey wants to live in the lap of luxury (mansion, sports car and shopping trips) and is looking to Brown to underwrite it, when he is not making the kind of money he did several years ago, due to the Rihanna domestic violence incident (since Amey wanted that kind of lifestyle she should have hopped on Floyd Mayweather not Breezy). Brown's man source of income is touring (and to a lesser degree club appearances and music publishing rights) and he is not on tour every month. The music industry in America is in a serious slump, recording some of the lowest sales figures in its history. Therefore, one has to be realistic with what one asks the court.