Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chris Brown Given The Keys To The City In Cyprus

Chris Brown (left) and the Mayor of Cyprus

The Mayor of Cyprus, presented R&B singer, Chris Brown, with the keys to the city during his world tour. Brown, who flashed a big smile, was very pleased to receive the gift and posted a photo of it to his Instagram page, along with the caption, "Got the key to the city in CYPRUS. Thank you so much to the MAYOR. Thank you!"

Little pretty girl Royalty Brown has such beautiful eyes

It's the best bit of news Brown has received this month, after his California home was burglarized and he was detained in the Philippines over his manager and promoter not returning a deposit for a show he was unable to make, due to passport issues in America, regarding his previous probation. Brown is also in court regarding custody issues and child support payments for his 1-year-old daughter, Royalty Brown, whose mother, Nia Amey, is being unreasonable with her exorbitant financial demands.