Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Texas Police Officer Resigns From Job After Suspension For Excessive Force Against Unarmed 14-Year-Old Black Girl At Pool Party (Video)

Texas police officer, David Eric Casebolt, who was suspended for grabbing an unarmed 14-year-old black girl, flinging her to the ground, pulling her hair, placing his knee in her back and on her neck, then pushing her face into the grass, has resigned from his post. This comes in the wake of widespread domestic and international outrage over his abusive treatment of the minor.

Casebolt was responding to a call of overcrowding at a pool party in suburban McKinney, Texas. A white witness stated he targeted the black teens at the party and not the white kids, who were present. Casebolt also drew his gun at an underage black boy for trying to stop him from engaging in police brutality against the teenage girl.