Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rasheeda To Secretly Auction Off The Clothes, Shoes And Jewelry Of Cheating Husband Kirk Frost For Going On Promo Tour With Rude Recording Artist Ashley

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost

Kirk Frost of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” has messed up again. Previously, Kirk cheated on his longsuffering, beautiful wife, rapper, Rasheeda, 33, with a woman named Bambi, who was only using him. Bambi went on to have sex with another man who was in a relationship with someone else, rapper Scrappy, in a fling that ended in a sad miscarriage.

Kirk Frost and Ashley

Kirk is up to his old tricks again, inviting 19-year-old aspiring singer, Ashley, whom he signed to a 5 album record deal based on her looks, on a week long promo tour. Kirk and Ashley will be staying together while on the road, which has understandably infuriated his wife, Rasheeda, with whom he has two children.


Kirk is completely in the wrong and so is disrespectful Ashley, who keeps insulting his wife calling her old and a has been rapper. Ashley is in her late teens but looks 30-years-old. Took much make up and wild living. Ashley has repeatedly disrespected Rasheeda and it’s not a good look. It’s also wrong when Ashley constantly hugs and squeezes Kirk, nor is it appropriate when she takes off articles of clothing in front of him.

Kirk, Rasheeda and Ashley
Out of revenge for the promo trip, Rasheeda is placing Kirk’s designer clothes, brand new shoes and expensive jewelry up for auction behind his back. While I do not agree with selling people’s belongings without their consent, I hardly feel sorry for Kirk in light of how badly he treats his wife. He can do better.

Rasheeda, Kirk and Ashley

Kirk only signed Ashley because of her youthful look (and looks fade). However, she is not a great singer and is indistinct as an artist. She looks and sounds like every other R&B female artist trying to become famous. For Kirk to jeopardize his marriage, in a union where Rasheeda is the breadwinner, is not smart. Ashley is not the next Whitney Houston. Furthermore, with her terrible attitude on the show, the public will not be inclined to support her.