Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers Revealed Via Court Subpoena (Photo And Name)

Hacker's Name, Address, Telephone Number and IP Address Revealed
Corruption From Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely And Google Lawyer Edward Mullins


This is a follow up to the News Corp/News International phone hacking story, which I broke first, via filing a police complaint in 2005 with the Metropolitan Police in London. I was alerted to the criminal activity, due to the misconduct of pop singer Madonna and her business associate Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp/News International. The case resulted in a guilty verdict (Andy Coulson Found Guilty In The Phone Hacking Case Cconfirming Previous Claims I Made About Him On The Site). I also filed a complaint with the FBI, regarding Madonna and her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, for invasion of privacy and criminal copyright infringement. That case later resulted in a guilty verdict against Anthony Pellicano (who also had 4 hackers on staff breaking the law hacking into computers, emails and phones to spy and steal).

Due to Madonna's ongoing criminal misconduct, I had to file a lawsuit against tech company Google. One of Madonna's hackers hacked my Ad Sense advertising account with Google and removed my most lucrative site, The Judiciary Report, from the lists of sites allowed to run ads using my ad account. The hacker exploited a design flaw and software fault in Google's software feature to do so. As a result Google grossed over $500,000 in ad revenue from the Judiciary Report and I was not paid my contractual portion of the funds. Madonna also pressured Google into removing the Judiciary Report from Google News, as it brought in more readers to my website and she demanded Ad Sense ads be stripped from the Judiciary Report as well, after they had been restored.

I am the sole author of a very valuable, voluminous copyrighted catalog of intellectual property works that contains over 15,000 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing lines, nano-technology, a solar cell phone, car line and thousands of other items. I began copyrighting at age 14 and over the course of 24 years, I've registered thousands of pages worth of the aforementioned intellectual property in paper and digital formats (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM).

Madonna, who has ties to Sony and Warner Bros via their copyright/intellectual property lawyer, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, hired a hacker to illegally hack into my business computers and copy the contents of the copyrighted catalog and has been criminally using it without permission, selling items from it at reduced prices to others in Hollywood such as Jay Z (married to Sony's Beyonce), Beyonce (Sony), Rihanna (signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation), Rita Ora (signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation), Jessie J (music publishing deal with Sony), Mariah Carey (Sony), Britney Spears (Sony) Simon Cowell (Sony), Simon Fuller (Sony) and others, who know it is stolen. The illegal funds Madonna has made from this felonious criminal activity is stored in offshore banks, such as in the Cayman Islands, as well as select banking institutions in America. Hollywood is a sick, depraved industry of thieves. They're criminals. Michael Jackson's family states he was murdered for his copyrighted catalog. Same Cooke's family states the same of his murder.

I traced one of Madonna's hackers back to a Google G-Mail email account, after he sent me a violent, racist death threat to my site. When brought into court via the lawsuit I filed, Google quickly began hiding evidence, while destroying some evidence as well, which is illegal. Madonna's hacker wrote something in the emailed death threat that gave away the fact he is one of the Kabbalah Center's hackers, who has been repeatedly breaking into my computers.

An excerpt from the death threat sent to my website from "Quinten Brantley." The rest of the email is being saved for court. He stated something in the email that gave away the fact he is one of Madonna's hackers working with the Kabbalah Center. As you can see, the email was sent to me on Valentine's Day. Psychologists state stalkers, particularly those suffering from Erotomania (Clerambault's Syndrome) increase misconduct against victims on holidays and birthdays, which I have found to be true in this case. One several of my birthdays, Madonna's Kabbalah Center does something foul and vile regarding me.

The Kabbalah Center's perverse hackers also erected a sick, pedophilic website called NatashaMusica.blogspot.com on Google's Blog Spot blogging site and told the public it is one of my sites, when I never owned it or had anything to do with it at any point in time. Google took 18-days to remove the offending site after admitting in email exchanges it is not my website. It was a fraudulent, illegal website put online by the Kabbalah Center in a sick bid to destroy my name and reputation, while endangering my life, by not only posting nude images of young teenage girls who appeared to be 14-15 years old, but also posting incendiary articles I did not author about Al Qaeda's Boko Haram terrorist group, who have killed thousands of people. Al Qaeda have also killed writers and cartoonists they felt disrespected their religion.

I found out about the fraudulent NatashaMusica.blogspot.com site when doing routine online searches to see where my articles were being used or referenced on other unrelated sites, as not all items contain a link back to the original source, which is an everyday problem for bloggers. That's when I noticed Google's search engine was bringing up my www.JudiciaryReport.com, www.SoundOffColumn.com, www.CelluloidFilmReview.com and www.AishaMusic.blogspot.com articles on an unauthorized site called NatashaMusica.blogspot.com. I was appalled when I clicked the link to view the site and saw the sick content on it (child porn and items about Al Qaeda and Boko Haram).

After emailing Google various items to prove NatashaMusica.blogspot.com was not my site and is criminally breaking the law via claiming it belongs to me, they removed it after nearly three weeks of being alerted to the problem, which is woefully slow and well below the national and international standard for internet service providers. After a court hearing one of Google's lawyers, Edward Mullins, inappropriately and arrogantly got in my face and growled that there's "an AOL case" where a pedophilic "image of a 10-year-old boy" was left online for years and "the judge in the case" left it online on AOL's servers. This was his justification for Google inexcusably leaving that sick NatashaMusica.blogspot.com site online for weeks after being notified by me in writing of the sick impersonation, fraud and copyright infringement in using my actual wholesome articles and mixing them in with such filth and disgusting content.

Google's lawyer Edward Mullins also keeps violating my private space by getting in my face and yelling at and bullying me after hearings, stating completely inappropriate things, while exploding in rage like he's bipolar, making a scene in the courthouse with lawyers and other litigants looking on in shock. Before the hearing Google's lawyer is smiling and polite, then after the hearings, without any provocation he storms out of the courtroom, angrily pacing and acting like a madman with anger management issues. Prior to Mullins by assigned the case, a soft-spoken woman, Regan Kruze was Google's lawyer, but she left the firm after I asked in writing why she was wearing a Kabbalah Center red string bracelet to court and kept flicking her arm back in front of me to flash it in my face while she spoke to me about the case. It's quite telling that Google hired a lawyer who is in Kabbalah.

Google released one item in the case regarding one of Madonna's hackers, but scrubbed much of the data from it, leaving a fake email address (dropsiesboy@gmail.com), a fake name "Quinten Brantley" and many I.P. addresses they thought would pose too much of a problem for me to sort through, ultimately leading to a dead end. After I sifted through all the I.P. addresses, the first batch led nowhere, as internet service provider Verizon responded to the subpoena I sent by stating "file not found" which made the Google lawyer, Edward Mullins, laugh over the phone.

However, I began tracing a second batch of I.P. addresses as well, which turned up something, much to Google's chagrin. I independently obtained a court subpoena listing internet service provider AT&T as the recipient, in reference to the death threat that was emailed to my website by Madonna's hacker, using the fake name "Quinten Brantley" via dropsiesboy@gmail.com.

Google wouldn't provide the real name and address behind alias "Quinten Brantley" registered at their G-Mail service, which was used to send the threat. However, tracing it backwards, led me to AT&T, who under a subpoena released the name, address, telephone number and I.P. address of Madonna's hacker using the alias "Quinten Brantley" revealing his name is Randy Vaughn of Greenville, South Carolina.

One of the documents AT&T released to me under the subpoena identifying Randy Vaughn as the user being the "Quinten Brantley" alias and the corresponding I.P. address that was previously hidden (I have redacted Randy Vaughn's home address, telephone number, account number and I.P. address as a courtesy which he really does not deserve):


I did some searches online and found a profile for Randy Vaughn of Greenville, South Carolina on the Linked In website. Randy Vaughn is a computer specialist and electrical engineer, who works for government contractor, Fluor. This explains so much. Previously, I nearly sued the light company Florida Power And Light (FPL), servicing Miami, Florida, where I have been living, but they settled with me before I filed the lawsuit.

Florida Power And Light (FPL) Claim settlement documents (redacted for privacy and so as not to violate the terms of the settlement):


Legal settlement with Florida Power And Light before I had it notarized, but it bears my name:

Said hacker hacked into Florida Power And Light's grid and sent a massive amount of electricity into my home that caused computers and appliances to overheat, smoke and give off sparks. It could have caught the house on fire (which is ironic as Madonna's hacker Randy Vaughn, who emailed me a death threat under the fake name "Quinten Brantley" threatened to kill me in a house fire).

This wasn't your standard power surge. It is what is known as "electronic harassment" in legal and government circles. Florida Power And Light's grid was criminally hacked to target the transformer outside my home on several occasions, but that one particular time the hacker went overboard and it caused a catastrophe. Once again, the house could have caught on fire. We had to quickly plug everything out with the way the electronics were smoking and giving off sparks all over the house.

As his Linked In bio reveals, some of Randy Vaughn's specialties include, "Power generation and distribution systems, short circuit and load flow studies...grounding, lighting, programmable controllers, uninterruptible power supply, emergency power generation..." Translation, he is a computer specialist with the ability to tap into light companies' power grids and cause serious damage.

This is the "Quinten Brantley" who is a hacker Madonna employed. He has a Linked In profile and his real name is Randy Vaughn, a computer specialist and electrical engineer:


How ironic that Randy Vaughn lists one of his causes as "children" when the Kabbalah Center cult he is involved in erected the website NatashaMusica.BlogSpot.com with pedophilic images and copied my wholesome website banner, slogans and preexisting copyrighted Judiciary Report articles that are not pornographic or inappropriate, to make the public think the sick site was mine. Security experts have stated this is a sick technique used by hackers to defame and set up innocent people they criminally target.

My house was the only one in the entire neighbor this happened to, as the hacker targeted my property, causing thousands of dollars in damage, such as destroying a $5,000 air conditioning unit, a $700 refrigerator, a $500 built computer, a $1,000 Toshiba laptop, music studio recording equipment and 4 televisions, among other things. Ironically, when this occurred with the catastrophic power surges targeting my home via hacking, I was online on the computer the Kabbalah Center kept hacking, reading about "electronic harassment" after typing in the strange surges that had been happening in my home. Some of the surges were so powerful you could hear them (buzzing noise), smell the electronics burning up, see smoking coming from the electronics and appliances and the walls of the house would vibrate. The whole thing was so sick.

Recently released items by computer security experts revealed hackers are targeting the batteries of laptops in trying to cause them to overheat, rendering them burned out and unusable. In doing so, some cause the batteries to explode. I have been online when computer hacks occurred that resulted in the computer issuing error messages about dangerous "power surges" being sent to the unit.

Previously, a Kabbalah Center member, who kept stalking me and trespassing on my property, checking door handles in trying to get into my home, had also tampered with a $9.99 per month energy saving apparatus Florida Power & Light attached to my meter, under a program they implemented. The Kabbalah Center member removed it and it caused my electric bills to go from $200 per month to $450 per month, which led to a field visit from a Florida Power & Light technician, who confirmed someone had tampered with the meter and removed the energy saving box as well.

Stalking, Harassment And Attempted Kidnapping

My life is in danger. After I mailed a letter about this case and legal documents as proof to both houses of the U.S. Congress, regarding Madonna and Kabbalah's criminal behavior which constitutes human rights violations, the Kabbalah Center, who had hacked my computer and seen the print out of the letter, sent a deranged man to stalk and confront me right after I left the post office. He roughly grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me off to who knows where he was headed. I started screaming and yelling, which caught people's attention and he let me go.

Yesterday, another attempt was made on my life, where once again, I nearly got run over by a vehicle, a harassment technique that was later revealed in court as one belonging to Madonna's mafia affiliated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who according to documents online is apart of the Colombo family (Italian mafia). Madonna is also connected to the mafia via an relative who was sent to prison for extorting Steven Segall in trying to steal a big chunk of his copyrighted share of a film. Madonna is also connected to the mafia via ex-boyfriend and current business partner, Chris Pacello, a Miami resident, who went to prison for robbery and murder in New York.

Corruption in the Aisha v. Google case 

Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely

When Google discovered I had obtained the name of one of Madonna's hackers (Randy Vaughn) and entered it into the court record, the next day their lawyer committed perjury in court. The Aisha v. Google case has been presided over by Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely, a woman many have branded the worst judge in Miami. She is unquestionably corrupt and untrustworthy. Another case that I filed which was assigned to Judge Cardonne Ely, was the subject of corruption at her hands, as she illegally held a hearing ex-parte hearing and closed the case without ever informing me of the hearing or that she had dismissed the lawsuit. It is a horrible reflection on the U.S. judicial system. I cannot begin to tell you how appalled I am at her behavior.

She engaged in corruption again in the Aisha v. Google case. When I entered the name "Randy Vaughn" in the court record as one of the culprits Madonna and the Kabbalah Center hired to engage in criminal activity, they panicked and broke the law. Google's lawyer Edward Mullins colluded with Judge Cardonne Ely stating I "did not file the second amended complaint" she ordered me to file within the 20-days that Mullins agreed to (when nothing was wrong with the previous version of the complaint that met national pleading standards for lawsuits). If you do not file a requested document in the time frame a judge allots, the judge is permitted to throw out the case.

Mullins swore in court, as did Judge Cardonne Ely that I "did not file the second amended complaint" and he never received his copy by mail, which was perjury and fraud on their part. Mullins arrogantly presented me with a copy of the case's court docket showing no "second amended complaint." Someone had not only illegally removed it from the file but the court's computer system as well, in an effort to get the case dismissed. However, I had retained a copy of the "second amended complaint" I filed and it bears the red stamp from the clerk of the court with the date I filed it, revealing I did indeed file the item and well within the deadline Judge Cardonne Ely issued. She issued me 20-days to file the "second amended complaint." I filed it within 4-days.

The first page of the "second amended complaint" I filed bearing the court's red stamp from the clerk of the court dated May 6, 2014. However, someone criminally removed the "second amended complaint" from the file and deleted from the court docket on the court's computer, not realizing I had a second official copy stamped by the court clerk:


Here is a copy of the court docket Google's lawyer arrogantly presented in court a few days ago, which shows my "second amended complaint" was criminally removed from the court case file and the entry that occurred on May 6, 2014 having been criminally deleted (however, I retained the aforementioned proof I filed it):


As such, I have filed a motion for Judge Gisele Cardonne Ely reopen the case she corruptly closed and recuse herself from the case as well. I have just submitted a formal complaint to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission regarding Judge Cardonne Ely's questionable conduct in not one, but two cases concerning me. I have also sent a copy of the entire file, complaint and evidence of fraud to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Judges in America should not be engaging in such conduct. It is flat-out corruption. What's particularly alarming is there is a threat to life and safety and Judge Cardonne Ely, Google and their lawyer, Ed Mullins, did something so wicked.

I respectfully asked Judge Cardonne Ely during the hearing if she dismissed the case "with prejudice" (meaning it can't be reopened) and she arrogantly refused to answer, while pursing her lips and haughtily stating, "This case is closed." Judge Cardonne Ely is known for being an exceedingly rude, highly disrespectful and mean-spirited judge, who routinely violates the judicial cannons.

In the Miami state court, lawyers and litigants often wait in a courtroom to have their hearings conducted before the judge. During this process, one ends up hearing other people's hearings in the courtroom while waiting your turn. While waiting for hearings called by Google's lawyer, I have watched as Judge Cardonne Ely verbally abused many lawyers and litigants, speaking to them like dogs, while rolling her eyes and or sighing like a drama queen in a very mean spirited and arrogant manner. It is appalling. She is in there talking to grown men and women like dogs. Who does she think she is, especially in light of the fact the judicial cannons indicates this type of low class, ill-mannered behavior is prohibited.

Another frequent complaint regarding Judge Cardonne Ely is she does not read her cases. She is always out of the loop, asking what cases are about and getting items severely wrong. Judge Cardonne Ely just throws out most of the cases, not wanting to do any real work while taking huge sums of taxpayer money in salary. She once complained in my hearing about her "3,000 case" workload. No judge should have "3,000 cases" especially one so incompetent, rude and negligent.

The $35,000 and counting Google owes me is a debt they need to pay. They are a multi-billion dollar corporation, who abused and ripped off an independent writer. It's not a good look on them at all. While the $35,000 is not going to make or break me, it's the principle of the matter. You don't rip off people and engage in corruption in trying to get away with it.

In light of these facts, I am asking the public in Florida not to reelect Judge Cardonne Ely to the bench. You will need justice one day and you will not get it from her (she presides over cases such as foreclosure, domestic violence, contract disputes ect). If you need any more proof, take a look at some of the many complaints lawyers and litigants have posted online regarding her vile behavior that Congress needs to address, as it is criminal and fraudulent:


13,152 jurists voted and voted Judge Caronne Ely the worst judge in Miami