Monday, June 15, 2015

Chris Brown Making Suicidal Posts On Social Networking

Some of Chris Brown's fans have been posting messages of concern regarding his suicidal sounding posts online

R&B singer Chris Brown has been making suicidal posts on social networking. First he uploaded the last known photograph of rapper Tupac Shakur before he was murdered in Las Vegas and photoshopped himself into the shot. Then Brown uploaded a photo with the caption, "Imma be a legend when I go!"

Chris Brown uploaded this photo to Instagram and Photoshopped himself into the last known photo of rapper Tupac Shakur before he was killed

Brown needs to try to live as long as he can. Furthermore, his name and career are currently damaged. If he dies now and he is sounding suicidal, it will not be under legendary status, but under a cloud of unanswered questions about his life and potential. Brown needs to stop speaking about his death lest he invites some unbalanced person to harm him in trying to make it happen now. Brown also needs to stop using narcotics and heavily drinking, lest he overdoses. Once again, he needs to focus on taking his bipolar medication.