Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When A President Costs Businesses Money Should They Be Required To Financially Compensate The Companies And Taxpayers (Keystone Pipeline)

Barack Obama

Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama, vetoed the lucrative Keystone Pipeline that would have created thousands of jobs in America and brought in billions of dollars in profit for nation. Obama rejected the pipeline for alleged environmental reasons, yet is hypocritically engaging in acts of war abroad that is damaging the environment in those regions, creating a domino effect that spreads worldwide. Bombings via drone and missile strikes disrupt and aggravate tectonic plates, negatively impacting fault lines that run beneath the earth all over the world, including America (see: California).

Many American and Canadian companies were depending on the profits that would stem from the Keystone Pipeline to give a boost to each economy. However, tree hugger Obama destroyed those financial plans. When a president engages in conduct that costs people billions of dollars, should the head of state be required to make financial restitution for said behavior. Oddly enough, Obama doesn’t have billions of dollars, but is damaging other people’s businesses worth a fortune. As the phrase goes, “There ought to be a law.”