Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton States She Does Not Know Why Small Business Has Stalled Under Obama For The Past Two Years (Video)

Unlikely presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has taken shots at incumbent, U.S. President Barack Obama, over his dismal record regarding the economy. Clinton stated, “I want to be sure that we get small business starting and growing in America again. We have stalled out. I was very surprised to see that when I began to dig into it, because people were telling me this as I travel around the country the last two years, but I did not know what they were saying. And it turns out that we a re not producing as many small businesses as we used to. A recent world study said that we are 46th in the world in the difficulty to start a small business or there are lots of issues.”

Obama inherited a very damaged economy courtesy of former president, George W. Bush, but a sustainable turnaround should have occurred already. Wild, unruly spending by the Obama administration created more debt, insufficient job creation and dismal profits. It was also revealed the Obama administration released manipulated economic numbers in an attempt to make it appear the economy was doing better than it really was, which was later exposed. Millions of people who stopped seeking employment, as they were unable to find jobs, were dropped off government rolls in official reports. As a result, they were not counted in the yearly economic tally to artificially boost numbers that were fake.

Obama's spend money to make money philosophy is one used by Hollywood, an industry that uses creative accounting to illegally inflate profits. A severely damaged economy does not benefit from excessive spending, as opposed to properly structured budget cuts.

Barack Obama

The Obama administration has an agenda that is not straightforward or conducive to financial success. Much of it is based on the president’s idiosyncrasies, whims, personal beliefs and private agenda. You can’t do business in that manner nor can you dictate the course of an economy in this way and expect it to be successful.

Years ago in the Judiciary Report discussed this very subject in the articles "The Small Business Association Lacks Money To Help Americans While Solar Companies Given Billions Then Fail" and "The NSA Gets President Obama Into International Trouble" and "U.S. Economy Hits Another Wall As Unemployment Is Higher Than Expected" and "Government Gullibility" and "Artificial Growth" and "The Corporate Sector Destroyed The Middle Class" and "This Is Not Wall Street."

The site's words have proven true once again. The Obama Administration continues to ignore small and midsize business at the expense of the economy (during the Clinton administration there were many grants and incentives for small business). There are no grants or real financial incentives to encourage and help small businesses in America. No improvement has been made in this area under the Obama administration. The American middle class, that was made affluent by small business, has greatly diminished in numbers, due to these economic imbalances the Obama administration has failed to correct.


Hillary: ‘Surprised’ Small Business ‘Stalled Out’ in Last 2 Years Under Obama

Apr 20 - Monday at a roundtable discussion at Whitney Brothers furniture company in Keene, NH, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was “surprised” to find out all the complaints she had been hearing for the “last two years” that it has become incredibly difficult to start and keep a small business under the Obama administration “turn out” to be true...