Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walter Scott's Killer Michael Slager Laughed After Murdering Him And Is Being Sued For Tasing Another Black Man In The Back In 2014 (Video)

Michael Slager tasing a black man in 2014

South Carolina motorist, Julius Wilson, is filing a lawsuit against Michael Slager and the North Charleston Police Department, over acts of police brutality and excessive force. During a 2014 traffic stop, Slager, who recently tased and shot to death motorist, Walter Scott, used excessive force on Wilson. After Wilson was on the ground, Slager tased him in the back.

Michael Slager laughing after tasing and shooting a black man to death this month

In a statement to the press, Wilson revealed, "In my lifetime, I have witnessed violent acts by police officers. Without proof of such acts, the word of police officers is always taken over the word of the victims forced to endure their violent acts." Other victims of Slager have also made it clear they intend to sue over their injuries.