Friday, April 3, 2015

Rihanna Slammed For Stealing The Song 'B***h Better Have My Money' Which Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Thefts (Audio Comparison)

The bad cover art for Rihanna's new song "Bit*h Better Have My Money"

Chronic copyright infringer Rihanna has stolen more protected intellectual property again. This time Rihanna has ripped off independent singer, Just Brittany. Rihanna stole Just Brittany's song "Better Have My Money" that was released 9-months ago to iTunes, for her March 26, 2015 rip off "B***h Better Have My Money."

Just Brittany

Upon listening to the two songs, the similarities become very apparent. Both songs have very similar beats. Both songs have the same repeated hook "B****h better have my money." Both songs have the same melodies. Both songs have the same verbal intonation. Both songs are about the same thing, being in a night club and angrily telling someone, "B***h better have my money."

Warning: Both songs contain explicit lyrics




Not only did Rihanna steal Brittany's song, it looks like she stole the girl's eyebrows too. If Brittany sues, she will be the one saying to Rihanna, "B**** better have my money." When you steal copyrights, you steal money. Intellectual property is considered an intangible asset that can be liquidated. Then it becomes a tangible asset (royalties, cash). Rihanna is a greedy, thieving fake with no respect for the law.

Rihanna Accused Of Stealing "B***h Better Have My Money"

The hooks are very similar. It's a well-known fact that the title of Rihanna's new single is shared by a handful of other songs, but one artist is claiming that the pop star also stole her song. Just Brittany has accused RiRi of plagiarizing her track "Better Have My Money," which was released nine months ago. The similarities are definitely there. For one, the hook is almost identical save for the melody. Rihanna has yet to comment on the allegation. Listen to the two tracks below.

ATTN: @itsjustbrittany "Betta Have My Money" been on iTunes jacked by @rihanna Wake Up — Just Brittany (@YoungJB_TheDeal) March 30, 2015. Posted: April 02, 2015