Thursday, April 2, 2015

Heartbroken Over Nick Cannon Singer Mariah Carey Has Let Herself Go (Photos)

Mariah Carey (left)

45-year-old Pop singer Mariah Carey has been vacationing in St. Barts with her twins Moroccan and Monroe and she cut a very sad figure. The once glamorous Carey, looked tired, weary and weathered. People in feedback sections have been stating she does not look her best, stating she looks "haggard" "old" and "fat." With the money at Carey's disposal, she can afford to  take better care of herself. However, she is depressed and that is apart of the problem.

Carey's marriage to unfaithful gigolo actor Nick Cannon, 34, has resulted in divorce proceedings, while he goes around being promiscuous with various women. Cannon cheated on Carey during their troubled marriage. He then abandoned her and the kids, labeling her mentally ill. Carey's latest album "Elusive Chanteuse" also bombed on the charts.

A series of disastrous high profile performances, where Carey's voice gave out, caused her more distress. Carey was also pictured getting cozy with director Brett Ratner, only for him to hook up with another woman hours later, whom he was pictured privately kissing on the lips. The singer is not taking any of this well and has let herself go.

As mentioned previously in the column, Carey has signed on to perform a string of shows in Las Vegas, which the Judiciary Report thinks is a bad idea, as her voice is damaged. If she sings, she risks further damage and terrible, crushing press. If she lip syncs fans will be angry and critics will savage her. She needs to take a break and focus on her mental health and raising her children.