Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Going Clear' Documentary Alarms Social Networking With The Public Calling For An End To Scientology

Scientology "Going Clear" set a record for documentary viewership on HBO

For years the Judiciary Report has written about Scientology, exposing it as a sick cult that has caused the deaths of innocent people, under brutal and questionable circumstances. For the past several years, I have read lawsuits filed against Scientology for wrongful death, assault, fraud, theft and terroristic threats, among other things and they all have a common threat - greed and brutality on the part of the cult.

Scientology is so bold and deranged, they once broke into an IRS office to illegally look through files, in attempting to ascertain if the government would audit the sect and bring criminal charges against them. In another incident, Scientology was accused of illegally spying on, then blackmailing a European judge into doing their bidding. Between sick Scientology and the deranged, murderous Kabbalah Centre cult (Madonna, Demi Moore, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears), Hollywood is a very sick place being run by criminals.


Tom Cruise

There are reports of children being molested in Scientology, as the cult perversely believes having sex with a child renews an adult's youth. As a result, members have reported children contracting sexually transmitted diseases from adults in Scientology. Children are taken aboard a Scientology ship known as Sea Org, where the cult wrongly believes due to the fact they are in international waters, U.S. laws do not apply. However, there are statutes in America that prohibit U.S. citizens from going into international territories to commit crimes forbidden in America. It is still prosecutable.
This past weekend, HBO aired the documentary "Going Clear" further exposing Scientology as a cult and dangerous money making outfit, committing terrible human rights abuses. After the documentary premiered, social networking was outraged and demanded Scientology's tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) be permanently revoked. Scientology is not a real religion and its management is living lavishly without paying a dime in taxes. Scientology is run by the nefarious David Miscavige.

Tom Cruise and David Miscavige do Scientology salute

Scientology was created by the late L. Ron Hubbard, a man who was severely mentally ill and subsequently institutionalized. Hubbard made up a religion and based it on a science fiction character he created named Xenu, who is an alien that set off a bomb in space that sent millions of "thetans" (invisible evil beings) to earth. These invisible "thetans" attached themselves to the backs of human beings. In Hubbard's mentally ill mind "thetans" are the source of addiction, depression and unethical behavior in human beings.

To be free of these fictional, invisible "thetans" a person must pay Scientology money for sessions, where one is connected to a crazy little contraption they invented, the e-meter, which is a rip off of a lie detector. One must tell Scientology counselors you are paying your hard earned cash, your deepest, darkest secrets in order to be free of "thetans."

Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard using an 'e-meter" (rip off lie detector he invented) on tomatoes...because tomatoes lie (sarcasm)

This process is called "auditing." These confessions are recorded and saved by Scientology and can be used against you as blackmail if you choose to leave the cult and stop paying for sessions and other membership fees. Members are taught repetitive phrases, slogans and chants, which in actuality are brainwashing and trance techniques associated with cults.

Scientology is nothing but a cruel, violent, vicious money making scam. They use celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Will Smith and John Travolta to draw people to the cult, which ends up ruining their lives. However, here's were it gets worse. People who disagree with or question the Hollywood cult's teachings are branded "subversive" and must be dealt with in any manner necessary, even if it means breaking the law in resorting to acts of violence.

David Miscavige

Many Scientologists have ended up dead in mysterious situations attributed to foul play. For example, in Scientology's Clearwater, Florida compound, Scientologists have died under suspicious circumstances. Scientologists have been kept in electrified cages and deprived of nourishment. Other Scientologists report being forced to do hard labor, working 30 hours per day on 3-hours of sleep, having to eat table scraps and sleep on wet mattresses. These are labor and human rights violations.

Some Scientologists who have spoken out against the cult were run over by cars, in a technique associated with Anthony Pellicano, the private investigator for Scientology and Kabbalah, who is now in prison on a 15-year stint, for illegal wiretapping, hacking, identity theft and racketeering. Sick, perverted, depraved stars such as Tom Cruise and Madonna paid him $100,000 per target, to spy on people via illegal wiretaps, email hacking, phone hacking, stalking, identity theft and harassment, conducted by Pellicano and thugs in his employ.


John Travolta in the Scientology movie flop "Battlefield Earth"  
The FBI is in possession of damning evidence that reveals stars such Tom Cruise and Madonna commissioned, paid for, knowingly received the illegal surveillance items and requested the targets they chose be threatened and harassed, among other things, which are all serious felonies. However, as the FBI is corrupt, it has a policy of not arresting famous stars and it is going to breed a monster scandal against the federal agency and Hollywood, when the public discovers the extent of the crimes they are hiding.

In other incidents, Scientologists have been found dead in bathtubs. The cult of Scientology believes hot water teaches discipline and purifies the body from toxins. However, members have been scalded to death and or drowned in incidents where they were submerged in hot water against their will. Their bodies were later discovered at Scientology compounds and hotels by authorities and hotel workers.

L Ron Hubbard as a mental patient

Scientologists also believe in talking excessively high doses of Niacin in misguided bids at detoxification. Scientologists have cited seeing old ink marks and toxins resurface on their skin. In actuality, Shingles outbreaks and eczema create similar symptoms, as skin damage and or old wounds resurfacing is the body's way of telling you it has been injured/damaged. Excessive doses of Niacin is inadvisable, as it damages the skin, hair and internal organs.

A safer way to detox is by eating raw vegetables such as carrots and broccoli, drinking a moderate amount of water and having a supervised sauna. Colonic irrigation is also useful, but you must re-hydrate at home after your session is complete. At the end of the day, medical science currently does not have a way to completely purify the body. Scientology's claims to the contrary are false. There are so many environmental pollutants and toxins in our world that complete detoxification is currently difficult.    

Tom Cruise standing in front of Scientology's rip off, bootleg cross 
Scientology has also opened schools for kids, trying to brainwash and indoctrinate them with the cult's insanity. Credible scholars, who have reviewed the curriculum called it gibberish, mentally ill and illiterate. However, due to substantial political campaign donations, this madness was allowed to happen to the detriment of children.