Thursday, March 19, 2015

Woman Comes Out Of Coma After Hearing Doctors And Husband Talking About Turning Off Life Support

Jenny Bone in a coma

Jenny Bone, a building surveyor in England, collapsed as her heart gave out while at work. Medical personnel worked to restart her heart, but due to oxygen deprivation, were unsure if there was significant brain damage that would destroy any potential recovery.

Jenny Bone was able to hear conversations in her hospital room but unable to respond

Whilst paralyzed from Guillain Barre and in a medically induced coma at the hospital, Bone heard doctors speaking to her husband about discontinuing life support. Due to her comatose state, she could not initially respond, but heard everything loud and clear. Her husband opted to give her more time and sure enough, Bone came out of the coma. She has retuned to work and walks with a cane, due to Guillain Barre.

Jenny Bone after waking up from coma

Some families hold out hope and keep loved ones on life support, hoping for a miracle and sometimes that miracle arrives. Patients can often hear what is going on in the room. It is a common experience discussed by coma survivors. This is why it is important for family members to fill their loved one's hospital room with love, support and encouragement.

Jenny Bone is able to walk again

Tactfully and gently let them know the situation regarding their health and most importantly that you want them to fight to come out of the comatose state, as they are loved, needed and wanted. They can hear you. They just can't always respond at the time. Some come out of comas and some do not. However, it is worth effort positive effort in getting them well.


Paralysed woman in coma hears husband talk about switching off life support

A woman paralysed by a rare condition heard doctors asking permission to switch off her life support machine. Jenny Bone, a building surveyor, collapsed at work during a site visit to a tower block in London. She was admitted to Luton and Dunstable Hospital and transferred to intensive care after she stopped breathing.

Mrs Bone, 39, underwent a tracheotomy and was placed in a medically-induced coma. She told the Daily Mail she could hear conversations at her bedside but was unable to communicate. "The most alarming was between a doctor and my husband enquiring as to my wishes surrounding being kept alive on a ventilator and that they were unsure whether my mental ability had been impaired due to lack of oxygen while they were attempting to restart my heart."...