Wednesday, March 25, 2015

White House Florist Escorted From The Building

Barack Obama

White House florist of 6-years, Laura Dowling, was escorted from the national residence, in an incident that has become the source of much speculation on social networking. The White House refused to publicly state the reason Dowling was escorted out of the building.

Laura Dowling

Commonsense dictates that when a person leaves a place of employment on good terms, they do not receive an escort. White House employees who go in and out of the building all day are not given escorts either. When a person is escorted from their place of employment, no longer in the post, it indicates a dispute, offense or firing. Dowling even retained a law firm to field questions about her departure from White House staff.

Some claim Dowling was ejected from White House premises. Others state she quit her post. The social networking jokes and quips abound regarding her departure, with the most humorous being, "So far, no one is willing to confirm that she was asked to leaf." One thing's for certain, Dowling will easily get a job arranging flowers for the GOP (LOL).

Side Bar: What happened? Did one of her arrangements have a "Wandering Jew" plant (for further reference see "President Obama Meddled In The Israeli Election Trying To Get Benjamin Netanyahu Kicked Out Of Office (Video)"