Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Having 'A Nixon Moment' Deleting 32,000 Incriminating Obama Administration Emails From Unorthodox Private Server

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The Judiciary Report has maintained for years that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician. This is a woman who had Colombo family Mafioso Anthony Pellicano, as a private investigator, illegally wiretapping, hacking and terrorizing people. Clinton has been passed the details of illegally wiretapped telephone conversations as well as hacked emails and computer contents. She has never been willing to stay away from engaging in unlawful acts to give her an undue advantage in politics. So it comes as no surprise to the Judiciary Report that she is in trouble again.

President Barack Obama

The Washington Times is reporting Clinton violated ethics rules in maintaining a private server and deleting 32,000 emails from the unit. Accountability has never been Clinton's strong suit. Flouting the rules and engaging in questionable behavior has been the order of the day. Clinton is not suitable to be president.


Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 ‘private’ emails, refuses to turn over server

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton deleted nearly 32,000 emails she deemed private from her time in the Obama administration and refused Tuesday to turn over her personal email server, insisting she “fully complied” with the law and that voters will have to trust her judgment.

Answering questions for the first time about her emails, Mrs. Clinton said she’s turned over to the State Department 55,000 pages of emails she deemed work-related, but said she got rid of the rest last year. She defended her decision to keep control of her emails by using a private account, saying previous secretaries did the same thing, and saying it was more “convenient” for her this way.

“I wanted to use just one device for both personal and work emails instead of two,” she said in a hastily called press conference after she spoke at the U.N. Conference on Women. But her explanations are already coming under fire. One conservative group, America Rising PAC, said Mrs. Clinton has previously said she keeps both a BlackBerry and an iPhone...

“That is why I see no choice but for Secretary Clinton to turn her server over to a neutral, detached third-party arbiter who can determine which documents should be public and which should remain private,” Mr. Gowdy said. “Secretary Clinton alone created this predicament, but she alone does not get to determine its outcome.”...

Hillary Clinton’s Nixon moment

Monday, March 9, 2015 - That ominous noise in the rafters above the heads of Bubba and the missus is the creaking of a roof trying to trying not to collapse. The weight of the years is just about more than the Clinton roof can stand.

Hillary’s emails, which last week were an irritant, have become an annoyance that threatens to become a problem that could become catastrophe. Her allies on Capitol Hill and her friends in the media haven’t bailed, not yet, but suddenly the allies have a case of the nerves, like a man in the theater who gets a whiff of what he thinks may be smoke and starts looking to locate the exits.

The Washington Post wonders whether her experience, until now a major selling point, might actually be a liability. Anyone with her experience should have recognized the warning signs. London’s Financial Times, looking this way from across the sea, finds evidence of “Clinton fatigue.” The New York Times reports more in sorrow than anger (though there’s a hint of that, too) that the bright days for the inevitable president have darkened considerably.

There’s speculation in Congress that she could face criminal charges for her curious management of her emails. The White House concedes, with more rue than repentance, that President Obama corresponded with her through her suspect email account, the account she used to conduct official business so her messages wouldn’t be vulnerable to official inquiries.

Many a young man has been counseled to “wrong no man and write to no woman,” and now, in the age of equality, it turns out that such a warning should apply to the ladies, too.