Friday, February 27, 2015

NFL Internal Records Reveal Police Were Summoned To Dez Bryant's Home On A Number Of Offenses And There Exists A Report Regarding Him Assaulting A Woman At Walmart


Dez Bryant

Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports' signing, Dallas Cowboys football player, Dez Bryant, is facing the proverbial music, as news trickles out about his acts of violence. According to, run by NBC Sports, NFL Media maintained a list of six incidents, regarding misconduct by Bryant.

One of the incidents is in reference to Bryant beating up his mother in 2012, something she told police he had done on previous occasions. Police reported his mother had visible injuries. However, she later dropped the charges, not wanting her son to face jail.

News reports are now surfacing indicating the most serious incident involves a July 2011 police report from a Lancaster area Walmart in Texas, concerning Bryant assaulting a female, his girlfriend, Ilyne Nash, by dragging her from a Mercedes and through the parking lot. Reports indicate the incident was captured by store surveillance video and witnessed by a shopper, who called the police.