Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS Beheading 10 Coptic Christians Leads To Air Strike Bombings By The Egyptian Government (Video)

Terrorist group ISIS, beheaded 10 Coptic Christians in Libya, leading to the government of the victims' homeland, to launch air strikes against the terror outfit. ISIS  released the gruesome video to the internet of the 10 men being beheaded. The video hints at a planned attack against Rome, Italy.

The terror group has been kidnapping people and demanding ransom from their respective nations lest they kill the hostages. ISIS has killed hostages from several nations, while trying to negotiate exorbitant financial terms for their release, deceitfully using victims who are deceased. The world has spoken out in outrage against ISIS, due to their acts of murder and violence, plaguing innocent citizens, who have been killed.

President Obama is seeking clearance from the U.S. Congress to conduct military operations against ISIS, which will mean certain death for the terrorists, at the hands of one of the most advance militaries in the world. However, many are concerned regarding what is known as collateral damage, the innocent civilian lives that would be lost.

Questions need to be answered. Who is ISIS. Who is their founder. Who are their members. Exactly where are they located. What is their ideology. How much money do they have. Where did their money come from. What are there future plans. 


Egypt Conducts Airstrikes on Islamic State Targets in Libya

FEB. 16, 2015 - CAIRO — The Egyptian military said on Monday that it carried out airstrikes in Libya in retaliation for the beheading of more than a dozen Egyptian Christians by a branch of the Islamic State extremist group there. In a statement Monday morning, the Egyptian military said that it had conducted airstrikes against training camps and arms depots of the Islamic State group in Libya, but it did not provide details about the targets.

The airstrikes are a dramatic escalation of Egypt's role in the continuing battle between armed factions in Libya for control of the country. With the backing of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt has worked covertly to support a Libyan general who is fighting to take back the capital and much of the coast from a rival coalition of militias, some of them made up of Islamist extremists.

In a televised address late Sunday night, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt vowed that his country would choose the "necessary means and timing to avenge the criminal killings."...