Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Friendships And Relationships That Lead To Criminal Charges Due To Peer Pressure

Be careful who you call friend. Some friends' behavior is more like that of an enemy, regarding what it can do to your life. In school kids are subjected to peer pressure, often by the cool kids. When you become an adult, peer pressure remains, but it takes on different forms. You have to learn to say no to peer pressure, as it could cost you your freedom and finances.

A good looking person starts dating you and begins to ask you to do unethical things. It could be something as simple as being awful to your friends they dislike and are trying to isolate you from to fully control you. It could be something like engaging in theft or unlawful financial transactions so you both can live in luxury on undue financial gain.

A friend illegally passes you unlawfully obtained stolen goods at deeply discounted prices. You accept it as the deal of the century and end up behind bars along with said friend. A real friend would never ask you to engage in illegal activity, placing your life, freedom and finances in jeopardy.

Your boss asks you to do something illegal, promising a promotion or pay raise. You do what your boss asked and end up slapped with criminal charges and prison time. It's better to say no or find a new job. Don't risk your freedom and finances over what is essentially fool's good. There is always a paper trial (physical and or digital record of illegal transactions).

When trouble surfaces in the form of peer pressure in can creep up on you. Wanting to hang out with the cool kids and you end up engaging in crime. You have to be strong in who you are and walk away from negative situations.

Peer pressure also comes in the form of famous stars, who set a terrible example for their audiences. They promote greed, malice, drug dealing and stealing, via their music, films and social networking accounts, unethically ascending to fame (then spectacularly fall). 

A number of impressionable people have gotten arrested on criminal charges trying to steal, deal drugs and assault people, attempting to live a lifestyle above their means, just like their favorite stars (particularly rappers). If some rappers only knew the amount of kids they've gotten into trouble, for following their negative example.