Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Masika Betrays Hazel On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood And Hams It Up With Chris Brown (Photo)

Hazel E

Aspiring model Masika has betrayed her friend, Hazel, by flirting and working with Yung Berg, the man she has been involved with. Hazel, who is an aspiring rapper, has been clingy in wanting a relationship with Berg, who is only using her for sex. He even insulted her during an argument, labeling her a, "Muppet in heat." I don't understand why Hazel is so hung up on Berg, who does not treat her well. He doesn't even treat his own disabled son well, refusing to pay child support since 2011.

Masika trying to get cozy with Chris Brown as Yung Berg stands to the right looking clowned
Berg, who has shown Hazel absolutely no loyalty, is now trying to date her friend, Masika, via stating he will make her a music star and she happily agreed. They're both disloyal. Hazel has a right to feel bad. You don't go after someone your friend was involved with and still has feelings for. At the end of the day, why are they fighting over Berg, a man who won't pay child support and goes around having sex with several women. His behavior is wrong and he needs to change.