Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Was Masika And Nikki Fighting Over Mally Mall On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' A Good Idea


Is it really a good idea fighting over a man? Clearly the women on the reality show "Love And Hip hop Hollywood" seem to think so, as Masika and Nikki began brawling over Chris Brown's music producer Mally Mall. The fight was broken up by onlookers, but not before Masika threw her drink and got in a few good punches straight to Nikki's head. That's after pulling Nikki's hair.


Nikki insists the fight was due to the fact Masika wants to be her and is a peasant, as she puts it. However, Masika is not impressed with surgically enhanced Nikki who looks like her butt could be used as a floatation device in a pool. 

Mally Mall

Masika mocked Nikki's excessive plastic surgery, which is very obvious, as she's had a nose job, breast implants, butt implants and lip injections. She also rocks a Lion King weave (big Simba, not baby Simba). Whereas, Masika wears more tame extensions.


Women should never debased themselves to the point they fight over a man. Society deems it chivalrous when two men fight over a woman (it's still violent and unnecessary) but when two women fight over a man, it's not cute. While they fight, Mally Mall was probably texting another chick.