Wednesday, October 22, 2014

U.S. Health System In Need Of Overhaul

The U.S. health care system is in need of massive overhaul. Having seen and experienced it up close due, I can state, there are many problems that need to be resolved and areas where it can be improved. Previously, the Judiciary Report suggested the idea of a medical database listing all the prescriptions issued in America to assist doctors in preventing addicts from doctor shopping to obtain large quantities of pharmaceutical drugs to get high. 

In the July 21, 2009 article Celebrity Prescriptions, the Judiciary Report called for a comprehensive drug computer system to prevent the abuse of prescription meds. 4-months later on November 29, 2009, the New York Times wrote of scientists echoing the same sentiments, in calling for a drug database (Scientists Call For Drug Database ).

After experiences with the medical system this year, the Judiciary Report is of the belief, the U.S. government needs to start a comprehensive, password protected medical record database for all patients in America. Conditions can be cross-referenced all over the country, aiding doctors and scientists in effectively treating patients. Outbreaks can be tracked, monitored and addressed to save lives.

 In attempting to see a neurologist and orthopedist in reference to nerve damage to one of my legs (that can't be seen externally) and a repairable back injury, I was given referrals to different physicians (in short, I need surgery). 

The doctors I was referred to did not have my medical records and it caused a mess of wasted time and money. If there was one comprehensive medical records database, it would save millions of people in America time and money and cut health care costs. It's also a sensible, practical medical management solution.


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