Friday, October 24, 2014

Has Nikki Mudarris Of 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Overdone It With Plastic Surgery In Trying To Look Like Kim Kardashian (Before And After Photos)

Nikki Mudarris before (left) and after (right) nose and cheek job

A before and after photo has surfaced of “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” reality star, Nikki Mudarris, which confirms what many suspected due to her plastic appearance - she’s had extensive plastic surgery. In Hollywood many are desperate to look a certain way and overdo it with the plastic surgery.

Nikki Mudarris's fake rear end

An old photo of Mudarris, who looks pretty in the shot, makes it clear she has since had a nose job. However, it did not end there. The way her breasts lay on her chest like tennis balls, indicates she has breast implants. Nikki is also sporting a disproportionate backside that does not fit her frame, indicating butt enhancement surgery. 


Nikki's breast implants are obvious

Nikki’s lips and cheeks also have the appearance of having been injected with fillers, for a fuller look. Nikki has a weave and tan reminiscent of the type worn by fellow reality star, Kim Kardashian, who she is desperately trying to look like. Kardashian has also undergone a significant amount of plastic surgery, who is clearly Nikki‘s inspiration.