Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez Is Jealous Like Jay Z

 Jealous Joseline! Jealous Jay Z!
Joseline Hernandez

"Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" star Joseline Hernandez is so jealous of other women. Throughout her time on the show, the jealousy repeatedly surfaced in attacks on Mimi, Althea and Tammy, who are all good looking women. During the reunion shows over the past week, other cast members stated one of Joseline's problems is she is insecure and jealous of other women.


During this week's episode when Joseline spoke of punching Althea in her "pretty little face" the jealousy became even more apparent. Joseline clearly feels threatened by other women's looks and it comes out in a competitive manner, laced with insults and on occasion fists, hair pulling and scratching.


Joseline punched Tammy and pulled out her ponytail and also attacked rival Mimi, hitting her and pulling her hair during the reunion show. Joseline lashed out at the good looking women she felt were rivals for the affections of her fiancé Stevie J. A jealous Joseline showed her worst side, all while claiming she is the best.


Joseline, who is an aspiring rapper, reminds me of rapper Jay Z. For years people in the industry have known Jay Z is jealous of good looking male singers, rappers and athletes. Jay Z can't stand pretty men, because people often criticize him as unattractive.

Jay Z: don't let me catch you looking at Lebron again or else...
Beyonce: ...or else what! I've got Solange on speed dial. Want some more elevator!

For example, Jay Z became jealous when his then girlfriend, now wife, Beyonce did a song with pretty boy rapper, Sean Paul, who is good looking. It was revealed Beyonce had developed a crush on Sean Paul and Jay Z began working against the rapper for this reason, having him removed from performances with the singer. Word around the industry for years is that Beyonce and her hunky bodyguard Julius have gotten romantic and Jay Z tried to have him fired, but she refused. There have been incidents where Julius mysteriously ended up with Beyonce's lipstick on his lips.

Jay Z

Recently, Beyonce swooned and stared at handsome basketball player, Lebron James and Jay Z gave her the meanest look. Never mind he's been cheating with women like Rihanna and Rita Ora for years. Jay Z was upset when Beyonce worked with pretty boy Chris Brown, who is the love of Rihanna's life. Jay Z once again became jealous worried something would happen between them. Jay Z cheats on Beyonce constantly, but demands loyalty from her. Hypocrite!