Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Latest Secret Service Breach Sees An Intruder Make It All The Way Into The White House (Video)

The Judiciary Report has repeatedly warned about security issues regarding the Secret Service’s protection of U.S. President, Barack Obama (Obama And The Secret Service and Why Did The Secret Service Abandon Kennedy Moments Before He Was Shot And Killed). Army veteran, Omar J. Gonzalez, who was armed with a knife, hopped the White House fence and opened a door at the national residence, entering the house. The incident was caught on camera. If he was a trained marksman wearing a bulletproof vest, Gonzalez could have killed people in the White House. This was a massive security breach. 

Omar J. Gonzalez

Gonzalez’s girlfriend is stating he is mentally ill and should not be sent to prison. However, it is clear he is criminally insane and is a danger to the public, having illegally entered the White House, which is no small thing. He should not be free. His judgment is completely gone to have committed such a brazen criminal act.