Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beyonce And Jay Z's Marriage Problems Creating Terrible Publicity For Rihanna

Jay Z and Beyonce

A number of high profile newspapers such as the Daily Mail (UK), the Mirror (UK), the Sun (UK) the New York Post and the New York Daily News, among others, have published articles about the implosion of the marriage of singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z over him cheating with music model Rihanna.

The bad publicity exposing her unethical conduct has made Rihanna angry. It has also led to Beyonce's fans slamming her all over social networking, sending her hateful messages over the adulterous relationship. This is something new for Rihanna, as she is used to encouraging her fans to attack others online, over stuff they didn't even do.

At the end of the day, Jay Z is behaving like a fool. He is 50-years-old and sexually imposing himself on a 26-year-old woman, who does not love him and is not even attracted to him. He has been doing this since the time he discovered Rihanna when she was a teen and being desperate for fame and money, having come from poverty, she sold herself to him. Jay Z was a fool to sacrifice his marriage to Beyonce, who actually made a commitment to him, for Rihanna who does not love him or want him sexually. 

The man Rihanna loves and wants to be with sexually is singer Chris Brown, who is very upset that she has slept with various entertainment industry men for career favors. Rihanna sees it as meaningless sex for career favors. However, for years Brown despised it, as he knows and has to face many of these famous men, knowing they have had their way with Rihanna, doing graphic sexual acts (Jay Z, Meek Mill, Drake, The Dream, Kanye West, Eminem, T.I., L.A. Reid, Matt Kemp, Chris Martin, Ashton Kutcher, Future, J. Cole and Shia LeBouf, among others).

Chris Brown

It has given Brown hang-ups regarding Rihanna and she just doesn't get that. She doesn't understand. He watched her go off with famous man after famous man from the start of their relationship and he resented it. It is not loyal, pardon the pun. But if Brown started having sex with various famous women Rihanna and her notorious temper would hit the roof in rage. History has shown, famous people particularly dislike it when the object of their affection or their significant other starts dating or cheats with another famous.

At the end of the day, who would want to be dating someone who is having sex with others, especially famous people. It is vile, disrespectful and cruel to put another person through that and demand they accept it. It's also vile and cruel to be smiling in Beyonce's face all these years and having sex with her husband behind her back.