Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zendaya Coleman Backs Out Of Aaliyah Biopic After Fans And Her Family Protest The Movie That Is Now On Hold

Zendaya Coleman (left) and Aaliyah (right)

 The Lifetime network recently announced an unauthorized biopic on the life of the late singer, Aaliyah, who died at age 22 in a tragic plane crash. 17-year-old Zendaya Coleman was chosen to play Aaliyah, a move that was met with great opposition by the singer's fans.

This week Coleman announced she has left the Lifetime biopic, "I felt like something with the production wasn't all the way there, the project wasn't all the way there. If I'm going to do something for someone I care about so much, I have to do it the right way. I just felt that because I love her, and because I respected her so much as an artist, I don't want to do anything that's half or anything that's less for her. By all means, when the right project comes along, and it's done the right way, I'll be the first person ready to play Aaliyah. But, this wasn't the right one for me."