Monday, July 7, 2014

Rihanna Wants To Play Aaliyah In Biopic After Zendaya Coleman Quits The Unauthorized Movie


Troubled, drug addled, alcoholic pop star, Rihanna, wants to play the role of the late singer, Aaliyah, in an unauthorized biopic of her life being done by the Lifetime network. Rihanna cannot act and her first movie has been thoroughly slammed by critics. Considering how Rihanna conducts herself off screen, she would be a terrible choice for the role, a bonafide insult to Aailyah's memory.

Zendaya Coleman (left) and Aaliyah (right)

Originally, the Lifetime network hired Disney actress, Zendaya Coleman to play the role of Aaliyah. However, after public backlash from Aaliyah's fans, some of whom stated biracial Zendaya is too light to play the role, Coleman backed out of the role (Zendaya Coleman Backs Out Of Aaliyah Biopic After Fans And Her Family Protest The Movie That Is Now On Hold). Zendaya was not too light to play Aaliyah (and that's the least, as you put believable darker make-up on an actress or actor in that type of situation). 

Zendaya Coleman (left) and Aaliyah (right)

Zendaya is a decent comedic actress, but the problem is she really does not remind one of Aaliyah enough and it is a serious dramatic role. Aaliyah's family spoke out against the project and stated they would prefer a theatrical release and one starring actress Zoe Saldana. 


As someone who grew up listening to Aaliyah's music and knows about the things that went on in her career, before and behind the scenes, I can attest Lifetime will not do her story justice, much like things are going astray regarding their unauthorized Whitney Houston biopic.