Wednesday, June 11, 2014

French Politician Calls Madonna 'Granny GaGa' Like This Site Previously Did (LOL)


In the April 3, 2012 article "Hotpants Wearing Madonna Mocked On Websites For Not Aging Gracefully" the Judiciary Report labeled deranged pop singer Madonna "Granny Gaga." Two years later, the term has come back to haunt her, as French politician Marine Le Pen slammed the mutton dressed as lamb by calling her "Granny Gaga" as well as a "has been." Madonna slammed Le Pen's political views and later labeled her a racist.

However, Madonna is a foul hypocrite of the worst order to be calling Le Pen a racist, when she has used the n-word in industry circles offending many and publicly in acts that were condemned. Not to mention, Madonna heads up a sick, so-called religious group, emailing black people death threats with the word "n*gger" and other hateful slurs, as well as stalking and approaching victims such as myself with said hate speech. 

Who can be more hateful than Madonna, even singing lyrics, she stole in acts of copyright infringement and adding an item about slave and master to it. Madonna is one of the most hateful people in existence, who is a trouble making vagrant going around harming innocent people via commissioned criminal activity she should be in prison for. She is in no position to cast aspersions on anyone.


Madonna labelled 'Granny Gaga' by Front National after she calls them 'fascists'

12:35PM BST 04 Jun 2014 - France's Front National party has become involved in a public spat with Madonna, responding angrily after she tweeted that Marine Le Pen's followers were "fascists". The singer poster on Twitter a photo of the front page of Liberation newspaper, which showed a triumphant Miss Le Pen after her party's record victory in the European elections. But the FN was unamused by the comment. Florian Philippott, vice president of the FN, replied: "In politics too, Granny Gaga is a has been."