Thursday, May 29, 2014

Steroids Shortens Your Penis And Life



Steroids use is dangerous to your life and health. With more and more people participating in social networking and the pressure on males to be buff, some have turned to steroids as a shortcut. Athletes have illegally used steroids as well. However, this is a dangerous practice to all who use steroids. Some researchers believe steroids shrinks the size of the penis, causes impotence and other sexual dysfunction problems. 

Steroids also wreaks havoc on the organs, particularly the heart. This leads to fatal heart attacks. Many wrestlers have died fairly young from steroids use. Every few months there is a new headline about a wrestler dying way younger than the average person. The wrestling industry does not test enough for steroids usage, which is killing its stars. Athletes in other sports have used steroids and been caught via tests, leading to extensive damage to their careers and finances. I implore those of you taking steroids to get off them now, lest an unexpected test from a regulatory sports entity damages your career with a lengthy ban and loss of endorsements.

Stop using steroids. Bulk up the natural way with increased caloric intake of lean protein and healthy carbs, combined with a good weightlifting regimen. Train hard and dedicate yourself to a good program. You can do well without steroids. Leave it alone. Steroids will shorten your life. The damage they do is often irreversible and not worth it in the long-term for what you perceive you have gained the short-term.

Side Bar: an article on the Reuters website recently stated certain types of beef are causing athletes to test positive for steroids. As a result, the Mexican national team is avoiding all beef for the World Cup.

Side Bar 2: Teams/companies in all sports should regularly test their own athletes to make sure there are no surprises and that if a problem accidentally occurs, due to third party contamination (such as beef or someone sabotaging your athlete), they can quickly find the source of the problem and rectify it.