Friday, April 11, 2014

Chris Brown Transferred To Less Austere Jail In His Home State Of Virginia But Is Placed In The General Population


Chris Brown

R&B singer Chris Brown has been transferred to a less austere jail in his home state of Virginia, after a 4-day plane ride on Con Air, after being extradited from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. Brown is in jail awaiting trial on a fraudulent assault case, where the complainant, Parker Adams admitted the singer didn’t even hit him. Brown’s bodyguard Chris Hollosy hit stalker and harasser Adams for trespassing. 

There are other cases on record where the bodyguards of stars such as Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan have hit and or pushed members of the public for getting too close to their stars and no one was even arrested. There have been instances where Justin Bieber and separately Lindsay Lohan have hit paparazzi and other members of the public in New York and Los Angeles during confrontations and didn’t spend a minute in jail for it. 


There’s a double standard present in the Chris Brown case that should concern the public as if it happened to him it can happen to you, regarding getting arrested for something someone else in your company did to another in self-defense or attempting to protect one’s property from intrusion. The law cannot work this way, as once the precedent is set it becomes a risk to everyone. As the Judiciary Report has consistently maintained, if you’re going to lock someone up, jail them for something they actually did, as anything less comes across as corruption.