Friday, February 21, 2014

Thirsty Groupie Publicly Touching And Flirting With Carmelo Anthony Gave The Public A Certain Impression Sure To Upset His Wife LaLa (Video)

Warning: video contains inappropriate language
A video has surfaced of married New York Knicks basketball star, Carmelo Anthony, being targeted by a thirsty groupie seriously flirting with him courtside during the game. The audacious groupie kept trying to get his attention during the game, even signaling to him like she knew him, which was bold and foul, pardon the pun. She was giving Anthony the most sexual looks during the game. 

As Anthony exited the arena, she stretched out her hand and held his hand, once again like she knew him. Anthony smiled back at her, briefly holding her hand, which gave a certain impression. People online began to call foul, pardon the pun, implying something is going on. Some went so far as to state online and in a video, Anthony would be having sex with her after the game. 

Even if it is not so, even if the two are not having sex, that's the impression the exchange between Anthony and the groupie gave the public. That's how those things look when they hit social media. People will assume. It didn't look right. The groupie was out of order and disrespectful to his wife Lala and their son. I don't know why some women behave in this manner. She knows he's taken and not the one for her, yet publicly carried on in an inappropriate manner. 

Side Bar: La La you want me to hold her down while you beat her down (LOL).


Frame-By-Frame Analysis Of Carmelo Anthony Checking Out Some Lady

...The embedded video here is from World Star by lliriano, who walks through the video in one part Zapruder film and two parts Greg Jennings guy fashion. A few smiles, holding hands in passing, a glance in the rear view mirror—it's no different from any other love story, really.