Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chris Brown Spotted At Super Bowl Party After Leaving Rehab (Photo)

R&B singer Chris Brown has been in rehab for the past two and a half months, under the orders of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. He is not scheduled to leave rehab until February 19, 2014. However, fellow singer, Trey Songz released an item online showing himself and Brown enjoying Super Bowl festivities. 

Some are wondering how this happened. However, Brown has been given a day pass before. Weeks ago he attended a Los Angeles toy drive with the permission of the rehab facility and the court. The Super Bowl is a big event that is therapeutic for many. Therefore, it is reasonable that one be given a day pass for such an event or festivities related to it. However, Brown's camp began asking his fans to remove the photos of him at the Super Bowl party from the internet. Trey Songz led the charge in removing the video.