Thursday, November 28, 2013

Some Women Are Too Pretty For Plastic Surgery (New Megan Fox Photo)

Megan Fox this month with obvious changes to her face (cheeks, eyes and lips)

Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, 27, has drastically changed her looks via plastic surgery and other procedures. Initially, Fox had a nose job that did wonders for her career, as it gave her a look the camera loves. She'd done bit parts before, but after the nose job she landed the 2008 "Transformers" movie gig and became a household name.

Megan Fox two years ago with her face looking more natural

Fox should have stopped there regarding the procedures. Additional procedures on her cheeks plus too much botox and filler in her forehead and lips have altered her appearance in the wrong way. It has made her look older than her age and detracted from her natural beauty. She needs to go back to a botox and filler free face, as that suits her best.